Windows 11 Release Date | All New Features

Microsoft unveiled its new Windows 11 release date. Focusing on a customization-oriented design and the ability to download Android apps from Amazon’s store.

With an emphasis on Fluent Design elements like transparency and blur effects. In addition to dark mode support, this upgrade is available through Microsoft Insider for testing before full rollout later that year. 

In addition to all these great features comes another interesting one. You can now run Android apps downloaded directly from the Amazon App Store.

Windows 11 Release Date

Windows 11 will be released on October 5th, and it won’t have all of the features promised in its announcement. Instead, Microsoft said they are rolling out updates slowly to existing Windows users while continuing development over time.

If you have a compatible Windows device, it may not be ready to run the new OS on October 5th. Because Microsoft will use an upgrade system that is “phased and measured,” with some users getting priority.

While others wait until later in October or even mid-2022 depending on your hardware and other factors like the age of the device. Once available for download, you’ll get notified by a notification from Windows Update. Which lets everyone know when they can update their devices.

Windows 11 All-New Feature

Multi-Tasking App: The Windows taskbar is now called the Dock and can be optimized for both touch and mouse peripherals. The new multitasking features include Snap Layouts that enable you to arrange multiple windows across your screen in columns or sections instead of just side by side.

Improved Health Check App: Now, in Windows 11 settings, there is a new and improved health app that will recommend brightness reduction changes to the power-saving mode of your battery.

Image Credit: Techradar

Snap Groups: One feature is Snap Groups, where you can go back to previously snapped windows from the Dock. You don’t have to snap them back again; for example, if you were viewing your email app and Edge browser at once before snapping another window into place. Then in the future, they’ll be together as a package deal in one view when selected from the Dock.

New Look And Design: The new name for the look of Windows 11 is Fluent Design. Across all apps, everything looks cleaner and more modern with round windows that dynamically change. Depending on the time of day or content being worked on. In addition to two different modes: light mode and dark mode. 

The start menu now takes up the position at a center screen. Which changes according to weather conditions like cloud-powered from Microsoft; it also provides a variety of colorful wallpapers users can choose from.

Image Credit: Techradar

Improved Widget: Windows 11 is bringing back widgets, the feature that was present in Windows 8. With AI-based dynamic features, these widgets can change depending on what apps you’re using and the time of day to provide a more interactive experience for users. 

The Dock has been redesigned, so it’s easier than ever to access your favorite tools with just one click or tap via touchscreen devices.

Bottom Line
The new version of Windows 11 brings many advanced and enjoyable features that indeed make your work easier. Apart from including new features, Microsoft has also improved the previous ones to provide better working conditions.
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