Why Augmented Reality Should Be Part of Your Marketing and Advertising Plan?

Undeniably Augmented Reality (AR) has taken the entire world by storm. Ranging from the owners of small businesses to huge establishments, it has become the sizzling trend of the time and is gaining massive popularity for creating wonders through its involvement in various walks of life.

The same goes when we talk about marketing and advertising plans. Confused? No need to be! Let us gain knowledge of why Augmented Reality should be part of your Marketing and Advertising plan that will really be going to help you in boosting your sales graph and generating hefty revenues for sure.

AR has not only enhanced users’ experience but also made the experience immersive and more valuable than before. AR can be seen everywhere from E-commerce to the media industry; we can see its implication in every field of life.

Let us have a look at the effects and benefits of augmented reality in marketing and advertising and why augmented reality should be part of your marketing and advertising plan. 

Augmented Reality in Marketing and Advertising 

Since augmented reality has moved from tech topics and computers to the market, the solutions, strategies, surveys, and research have shown a huge impact of AR marketing and advertising on businesses. Many brands are endorsing the ideas and including AR technology in their future plans.

According to an estimate, there were 1 billion users of AR by the end of 2020. Ever since the AR wearable was made public in 2014 and then the success of Pokemon Go in 2016 AR has been in demand ever since. It is gaining more popularity day by day and the users are growing in number.

Businesses and merchandise have seen the potential of AR in their field. And it has been predicted that even the small firms with reduced revenue are going to add AR to their marketing plan. It is unique and refreshing and gives users an immersive experience.  

Before we get to know the advantages offered by AR in marketing. We need to know what AR advertising and marketing are. 

AR Advertising and Marketing

AR advertisement is a mobile advertisement unit that is started by your smartphone camera. So virtual objects or 3D models of products can be superimposed. The AR advertisements can also be understood in a way that your smartphone’s screen gets a special marker on a surface which is mostly a QR code. 

An AR marketing has been adopted by many top brands including M&M’s, Nike, Toyota, and Burberry to name a few. There are different types of AR campaigns including marker-based AR campaigns, Arcade, and other promo campaigns. 

Marker-based AR is used by Jack Daniels which provides a virtual tour of their company in Tennessee. Look at the distilling process, and how the name Jack Daniels was given to the products. It is all accessible if the user scans the label of the bottle.  

Burger King used many successful AR campaigns to promote their products as well as took a dig at McDonald’s. Their campaigns include Escape the Clown and Burn That Ad. Both were interesting campaigns and gathered huge success. 

AR marketing campaigns have now been recognized universally and every brand is accepting the benefits of using AR in their advertising and marketing plan. Let’s look at the answer to our basic question of why augmented reality should be part of your marketing and advertising plan

Why Should AR Be Part Of Your Marketing and Advertising Plan? 

AR is interactive and can be fun to look at and that is why there are multiple brands that are including AR in their marketing and advertising plans. AR can be beneficial in many ways but here are some key reasons why AR should be a part of your marketing and advertising plan.  

Grabs Customer’s Attention 

Customers will only engage in your products if your marketing strategy is strong and effective enough. Technology keeps on changing and so are the customers’ preferences and now it is of utmost importance to keep the user’s attention intact with your product. 

Brand visibility is the main factor in grabbing attention, and it can only be achieved if the brand finds unique and innovative ways to retain users’ attention and gain trust. A huge number of followers is also gained through AR advertisements while staying in a brand-safe environment. 

The immersive experience of advertisement works as a motivator for the users to buy the brand’s products. AR is a new method of advertisement that is also unique and that is why it has gained popularity, especially among the younger audience. It engages the follower on a deeper level as the advertisement becomes more interactive with users. 

With the increase in the revenue of brands that used AR in their advertisement campaigns, AR has become the most rapidly growing trend. It guarantees higher sales for the owner and satisfaction among the customers. 

The customers feel more connected to the product when the experience is immersive and interactive and hence the engagement of customers is increased. 

Conversion Rates Increased

If you are asked to look at an advertisement of a certain brand, which one would you like better, the one with simple 2D photos of the product or the one with a 3D/AR provided ad that will make you look at the product in a different way. The answer is definitely going to be the latter. 

Different surveys on the conversion rates have confirmed that advertisements using augmented reality have 94% more conversion rates than the ad which do not use the technology. 

One of the reasons is that customers can look at the products in a more interactive way and the decision-making process is improved. Once the customer is satisfied with his decision to purchase, conversion rates go higher. 

A call-to-action message is the heart and soul of every advertisement, and no other technology does it better than AR. The interactive call-to-action message becomes a huge inspiration for the customer, making the conversion rates go higher. 

Making It Affordable 

Other than augmented reality, print advertisements are also a way to go when it comes to marketing your product. However, they are not only boring to look at but also cost almost double the AR advertisement. AR is in no way cheaper but definitely affordable.

There are some top-notch print media outlets that cost as much as $200,000 for a single full-page color commercial. This is obviously a huge cost to pay given that the end result is just an advertisement on the paper. 

On the other hand, a single AR advertisement costs around $5000 based on the quality of the advertisement. A full-fledged AR campaign costs something around $100,000. We are not saying that it is cheaper in any way, but the end result is a high-end, 3D advertisement that not only gives your customer an immersive experience but also better decision-making power. 

Augmented reality should always be considered as a part of your marketing and advertising plan because it is not only affordable than electronic and print advertisements but also offers you a better-looking advertisement. 

Approaching Gen Z

Gen Z has seen the most rapid change in their lifetime as they have seen an outburst of technological equipment and gadgets while growing up. Now it has become a part of their everyday life. Your products cannot reach their maximum reach if they are not approachable or attractive to a younger audience. 

Generation Z is also sometimes referred to as Generation AR because it is the generation that has been raised on social media and the internet. They have adopted the way of computer-operated and computer-generated simulations and brand advertisement.

This interaction is going to be increased with every passing and that should answer the question of why augmented reality should be a part of your marketing and advertising plan. 

If you are not looking at the audience which makes the most of your total clientele then you will be losing your brand value. If you keep Gen Z (the younger audience) interested, you need to focus on how to keep them attracted and advertisements with AR are the way to do that. 

We believe that the younger audience would love to see the online AR advertisement and they are going to be more involved and engaged in such brands using AR as their advertising tool.  

AR making Connections with Customers 

If we were to ask about developing an emotional connection, we are going to feel more connected to something which provides us a rather immersive experience than something which is written in text. Unlike banners or images, AR helps the customer to make a connection as these advertisements provide an immersive experience where users can even interact with them. 

AR advertisements feel like engaging with a video game to many as it makes the user get to indulge in an immersive experience of augmented reality. You can simply scan the code on a billboard and watch the trailer on your smartphone. 

This will not only make the customers engage emotionally with the brand but also remember the effects of that emotional connection. This can be a huge contributor in making the company’s reputation go higher. 

According to research, memory encoding also gets 70% higher if the advertisement is shown with augmented reality than 2D advertisements. So, this is why augmented reality should be part of your marketing and advertising plan. 

Localized Promotions 

The advanced algorithms used in augmented reality observe users’ behavior and interest of users and then offer products and services according to their preferences. AR advertisements offer advanced geolocalization advertising and help the individual get better offers.

The localized promotion will benefit the customers as well as the businesses. It can suggest to the businesses the type of customers they are looking for and suggest to the customers the type of product they can benefit from. 

AR is different from other types of localized promotions because other types of advertisements will only suggest to you the business you are interested in while AR advertisement will also guide you to it. 

AR in Sales 

Let’s just think for a moment that if we are provided with a chance of looking at how a product will function, we’ll feel more confident about buying. AR has defined the concept of product demonstrations and showrooms. This has redefined the customer experience. 

Customers become more confident about buying the product if they have already seen the product work even if it is only in a virtual environment. This will also reduce the chances of returns and conversion rates will go higher as well.

AR comes in handy when it becomes difficult to stock different products. For instance, some construction companies are providing AR advertisements of their products so you can virtually see how a deck is going to look in a certain house. 

Similarly, some furniture stores also help you see how a piece of furniture will look in your home. AR reduces confusion in customers’ heads and the uncertainty also goes down when the customer has already seen the product work. 

It was observed in surveys during quarantine that customers were 41% more interested in products that offered AR advertisements. Boosting sales is another important reason why AR should be a part of your marketing and advertising plan. 

Fun Advertisement 

Back in the day, we loved to see animated movies and we would like to look at those colorful animations and stay in the fantasy world. AR brings the same joy and fun to adult life. Shopping itself is a fun thing to do and AR helps you double the fun for you.

Augmented reality will not only let you check the product out in a virtual environment but can also update, pre-launch, or launch a new product. 

Who would remember a boring product? No one will. If your product is not remembered, it will not be bought either. That is why it is important to create a lasting impact with your product. 

Wrapping Up:

To sum it all up, Augmented Reality is the future of marketing and the positive effects of AR advertisement have already been seen. So, what are you waiting for? Plan it out! Give it a try! And discover the easiest ways to facilitate your clients via implementing the amazing AR expertise. 

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