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Things that hangs above a crib are usually used to make the crib and the surrounding more attractive and pleasing for the baby. Parents (especially mothers) pay full attention to make their baby’s room more interesting and exciting for the baby and it’s really appreciating.

Are you one of those mothers? So here we are to inform you of some beautiful and beneficial things that hangs above a crib to enhance the beauty of your baby’s nursery.

In this article, we are going to give you full guidance about the things that hangs above a crib. So stick with us till the end of the article. Because if you are really a conscious mother then it will be very informative for you. 

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Why Do We Need To Hang Things Above A Crib?

As a parent, all of us want to provide our baby a full luxurious babyhood. For this purpose we do a lot more preparations, buy many things and make a hard effort to make our baby’s living room more and more beautiful and exciting for him or her before his or her birth.

A bassinet or crib is going to be the first place where our babies are going to spend their most of the time for the next few years. That’s why it is pretty good and also essential to make this crib more enjoyable and pleasing for the babies. 

In spite of this surely we need things that hangs above a crib to make it more interesting and exciting plus beautiful as well. You can hang a crib mobile, hanging toys and photo frames to make the crib engaging for the baby. That’s how your baby can spend quality time in the crib.

The Most Preferable And Safest Option

Things that hangs above a crib are available in a huge quantity in the market. Of course they give a pretty good look to your baby’s nursery. But most of them are not secure for your baby. 

The most preferable and safest option is a crib mobile. You can freely hang a crib mobile above your baby crib and it doesn’t cause any damage and harm. In addition they are quite beneficial for your baby and his or her developing skills.

What’s Crib Mobile?

Basically a crib mobile is a kind of baby toy that has several features. A crib mobile usually hangs above a crib to provide the baby a better view. 

A crib mobile plays an important role in the development of the senses of a baby. The things not only stop here. Crib mobile also has many benefits. It helps the parents to keep the baby calm and engaging. 

Plus mostly crib mobiles are featured with some extra qualities that can provide your baby a safe and sound environment for better sleep.

Types Of Crib Mobiles

Crib mobiles have several types. That is made keeping the needs and budget of the parent in mind. You can easily find these various types of crib mobiles in the market. But remember first set your budget and then choose the right one according to your baby needs and your budget.

Crib Mobile With Projector

Thinks that hangs above a crib

This is one of the quite expensive things that hangs above a crib. In this type of crib mobiles you will get many interesting and amazing features that surely impress you and also your baby will love it. 

Basically a crib mobile with a projector consists of a specific theme (you can choose your favourite theme). Just like dark sky with stars theme, disney cartoon theme etc. This projector makes the ceiling adorable and interesting for the baby.

These crib mobiles with a projector not only keep your baby engaged but they also make the surrounding suitable for better sleep time. Believe it, these crib mobiles with a projector really makes the nursery out of this world.

If they cost extra, their performance is also worthy that you will never regret after spending on Them.

Crib Mobile With lights And Music

Crib mobiles with light and music are the most affordable things that hangs above a crib. These types of crib mobile contain a light of one or multiple colors and a music box that offers many musical sounds by which your baby can feel peace and calm.

The lights are used to make the surrounding mesmerising and exciting for the baby. On the other side a music box delivers a calm and soothing background which helps your baby in safe and sound sleeping.

The interesting thing about the music box is that they offer you a maximum control over it. Means you can set the music play time to 10 minutes or 20 minutes, or you can choose your desired music and can increase or decrease the volume as well.

Crib Mobile With Rattle Toys

Thinks that hangs above a crib

Okay so the crib mobiles with rattle toys is one of the cheapest things that hangs above a crib. But don’t take it lightly. However this type of crib mobile doesn’t have features like projector, light or music box. But still it can engage your baby and can provide him or her a quality crib time.

So a crib mobile with rattle toys is a simple crib mobile that provides you an option to hang your baby’s favourite toys. These crib hanging toys are extremely soft and also chewable in case the baby takes it in his or her mouth so they can’t hurt your baby’s sensitive gums and teeth.

You can also replace the old and damaged rattle toy with the new one by spending very less money. 

DIY Baby Mobile

Okay so if you don’t like to buy a ready made crib mobile and like to create your handmade things that hangs above a crib then a DIY baby mobile is the best option to go. 

Creating a handmade DIY baby mobile is not a big deal. You can easily create your own baby mobile by just using your creativity and imagination. This is the most safest and inexpensive way to decorate your baby nursery with your own ideas.

And the thing that plays the role of cherry on the cake is that your handmade DIY baby mobile does not contain any harmful or hard material that can hurt your baby. You can also take help from the internet in creating a homemade DIY baby mobile.

Yes it’s quite tricky and time taking but if you have an artistic mind and love creativity this is going to be more fun as compared to buying a traditional crib mobiles like all others have.

Want to learn how to make a DIY baby mobile so here it is.

How Important Are Baby Mobiles

Note: Don’t take a crib mobile lightly. Its advanced and highly effective features developed the senses of your baby which would be quite difficult for you to develop them by yourself.

Do you think that a crib mobile is just a joy? Then think again, because this wonderful toy is just beyond a toy. It helps you and your baby in many ways that a simple toy can’t.

Baby crib mobiles are very important for your baby. How? Let’s find it.

Keep Baby Calm And Soothe

The most important thing about a baby mobile is that they help the parent to keep their baby calm and soothe. By providing the baby a quality fun time it reduces the grumpiness of your baby and increases his or her mental health.

While a busy mother performs her daily tasks a crib mobile keeps the baby engaged and calm.

A Brain Booster

A baby crib mobile is the best way to develop your baby’s sensory interaction. A crib mobile gives a baby a full opportunity to develop his or her senses by using its different features. 

The rattle toys allow them to improve their touching and feeling sense, Plus it also helps to teach them how to grab a thing. The music box allows them to understand the variation of different music. 

And the last but not the least its multiple lights enhanced the sighting sense of the baby. 

About What You Have To Be Conscious | Precautions

There is no doubt that hanging things over baby cribs, whether handmade or professionally made, gives an elegant and stunning look to your baby’s nurseries. But still there are some things about which you have to be quite conscious rather than it can harm your little one or can ruin your nursery. 

Let’s know what these things are.

Hang Smartly

We all know how curious and naughty babies are. They always want to know about each and every thing that they see around their surroundings since they are only a few months old. 

And when they begin to stand and crawl their curiosity increases massively. So if you keep the things that hangs above a crib in lower position off course they will destroy them or this also can harm them as well. 

So try to hang the decorative pieces and babies mobiles out of the reach of your little one. This is the most important step that you will take for your baby safety.

Avoid Edged and Hard Material

The second thing is to note down that the things that hangs above a crib should not contain any hard material (hardware or glass) or don’t possess pointed edges. Usually parents used to hang up the frames of babies and disney cartoon themes to make their baby’s nursery more beautiful and attractive.

Keeping the baby hanging thing above the crib surely looks beautiful but it is heavy enough then it’s always a danger that it can fall down at any time. Secondly if you use frames containing glass cover and pointed edges. It’s also very dangerous and risky for the baby. 

You can use any poster or foam core art piece instead of frames. It’s the safest option to go.

Select The Right Position

This is the most essential thing about which every parent has to be conscious. However most smart parents already know about it and really care about it but for new parents may be it’s quite an unknown fact. 

The fact is that things that hangs above a crib should be placed in a right position. It’s very much essential because at that age your baby eyesight skills in a developing era. 

If you hang things in an abrupt or wrong direction. There would be chances that this can affect your baby’s eyesight skills. And unfortunately, this damage can be curable. So be very very careful while hanging spinning things above the baby crib.

Parents FAQs

Q: Is it safe to have a canopy over a crib?

A: Hanging a canopy over a crib is not a good idea. Yes it can enhance the beauty of the crib but it’s really dangerous for the baby. As canopy is a little bit heavy so there is a high risk of strangulation.

Q: How do you secure art above a crib?

A: A “T” screw is the best option to secure any art piece above a crib. Other than a “T” screw you can also use a safe and durable hardware.

Q: Can you put pictures above a cot?

A: Putting a picture above a cot can be dangerous for your baby. Pictures frames are quite heavy and can be dropped off by a smaller bump. Instead of a picture frame you can use a poster of the picture that is quite safe for your baby.

Auditor’s Final Notion

In the end of this article, I am willing to help you with the ideas of things that hangs above a crib. I must add my suggestion for all the parents. That your babies are too sensitive do not disturb their mental health and senses by putting too much stuff inside and over their cribs. Keeps the things gentle and simple.

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