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Using Generator tent cover  for your expensive portable generator is one of the best options to keep your generator safe and secure outside or when it’s not in use.

Want to purchase bestest portable generator tent cover? Here take a look

Champion Weather-Resistant Storage Cover
Champion Weather-Resistant Storage Cover
  • Weather-Resistant
  • Perfect Fit
  • Good Quality
  • Heavy Duty
Porch Shield Waterproof Universal Generator Cover
Porch Shield Waterproof Universal Generator Cover
  • Water-Resistant
  • Easy To Install
  • Perfect Fit
  • Highly Ventilaed 
Himal Weather/UV Resistant Generator Cover
Himal Weather/UV Resistant Generator Cover
  • Weather Resistant
  • UV resistant
  • Highly Durable
  • Conveninent To Use

Beyond the maintenance, your generator needs something extra when they are outside. Because outside the harshness of the weather just like UV rays of the Sun, rain, snow, dust, dirt and wind continuously damages your generator’s external and internal parts.

That’s why use a generator tent cover to cover up your inverter. These covers are specially made to protect and prevent your generator from any kind of weather’s strictness. 

We have enlisted 3 best of best portable generator tent cover from reputed brands. So without further delay let’s check out the detailed review of all of these covers.


Champion Weather-Resistant Storage Cover

Champion Weather-Resistant Storage Cover


  • Item Weight: 1.06 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 10 x 4 x 6 inches
  • Style: Inverter + 2000 – 2500W + W Resistant 

Champion Weather-Resistant Storage Cover for 2000-Watt Inverter Generators to keep them safe and secure.

  • 100% polyester cover
  • Weather-Resistant
  • Portable
  • Easy to install
  • Perfect and secure fit
  • The cover can be torn to shreds by the strong road winds
Water resistance9.9
Quality of material9.6
Value for money9.6




The exterior of the Champion generator tent cover is made from vinyl. This vinyl exterior can protect your generator from any kind of bitterness of the weather.

This Champion weatherproof generator cover can protect your generator against the harmful UV rays of the Sun, Snow, Dirt and Dust. It also prevents your generator’s internal parts from raining heavily or lightly. 

Means with Champion tent cover you can freely place your generator outside no matter how rough the weather is.


Champion has included 1 years of limited warranty for their customers to provide them a reliable service. You can easily replace the tent cover if you don’t like it or if it is damaged from anywhere. 


The champion’s designers have included a strong elastic base which is helpful for providing a strong and perfect fit for your generator. 

This elastic base also provides a custom-like fit for your generator. Means no matter how big or small your inverter is you can cover it with Champion generator tent cover and perfectly perfectly. 


  • The Champion outdoor generator cover comes in various sizes. Just choose the right size according to your inverter size. Of course the price rates increase as the size of the cover increases.
  • You don’t have to make any hard struggle while covering. It’s extremely easy to cover on the generator.
  • The cover is made from 100% polyester. Which makes it highly durable and ready for long lasting use.


This Champion Weather-Resistant storage cover has a 4.8 rating on amazon. This indicates that it has succeeded in pleasing its consumers with its amazing features. 

People are very happy with its perfect fit and they just loved its weather-resistant power. That it protects their generators even more than 45 MPH winds. 

However people find it quite expensive as compared to other tent covers. But they also committed that it's just a one time spending item. 
Porch Shield Waterproof Universal Generator Cover

Porch Shield Waterproof Universal Generator Cover


  • Color: Light Tan
  • Item Weight: 1 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 26 x 20 x 20 inches

Porch Shield Waterproof Universal Generator Cover 26 x 20 x 20 inch, for Most Generators 3000-5000 Watt, Light Tan

  • Highly durable
  • Multiple waterproof system
  • Easy to install
  • Secure and perfect fit
  • Available in 3 colors
  • 4 size options
  • Can’t use when generator is running
Water resistance9.8
Quality of material9.7




Well when it’s about quality the Porch Shield never ever compromises on it. That’s why they have made their portable generator tent cover with 600D durable polyester fabric. 

Things do not end up there. For enhanced the durability and quality of their portable generator rain shelter. They have added water-resistant laminated undercoating. This laminated undercoating makes the cover 100% waterproof. 

Means no matter how heavy it’s raining the Porch Shield cover can protect your inverter from water and humidity.


The Porch Shield’s designers really know how essential it is for any cover to have a secure and perfect fit. That’s why they have given their generator tent cover a secure and custom fit. They have included various advanced features. 

1. BUCKLE STRAP: They have added a buckle at the bottom of the cover to get a secure fit after wearing. This buckle also prevents the opening of the cover from being blown away.

2. Elastic Hem Cord: Also they have added an elastic hem cord at the bottom. By punching this hem you can custom the size of the inverter after covering the inverter. And yes then your generator gets a perfect and secure fit.


  • The Porch Shield generator covers come in 4 different sizes. So you can easily get the perfect size of cover for your inverter just according to its size.
  • They also come in 3 attractive colors which are Light tan, Black and Gray. You can choose your favorite color and give your generator a decent look while it’s covered.
  • There are velcro straps at one side of the cover. These velcro straps made the installation and removing process much easier for you.


The porch Shield waterproof universal generator cover got a 4.7 rating on Amazon which means it has made great efforts to satisfy its customers. 

The people loved its well constructed structure. Also find it heavy duty and long lasting even when in continuous use. 

Also its versatile fitting feature and less price pleased its consumers nicely. Well some people found that the color has become slightly dull after some years. But it doesn’t affect its protection level. So they are still happy with it.
Himal Weather/UV Resistant Generator Cover

Himal Weather/UV Resistant Generator Cover


  • Item Weight: 8.8 ounces
  • Size: 25″Lx24″Wx21″H
  • Package Dimensions: 10.04 x 9.57 x 2.56 inches

Himal Weather/UV Resistant Generator Cover 25 x 24 x 21 inch,for Universal Portable Generators 2200-5000 Watt, Black


  • Weather resistant
  • Wind-resistant
  • Available in 3 sizes
  • Good quality
  • Fits perfectly
  • Suitable for different generators
  • Not be strong enough to face down the road mounted winds
Light weight9.7
Water resistance9.5
Value for money9.4
Quality of material8.9




Usually, it’s seen that the cover of the generators do not have as good eye-catchy look as they deserve. The manufacturer doesn’t pay much attention to it. But Himal knows that looks matters most.

Who wants that his or his expensive inverter looks like a garbage bag after covering? That’s why Himal’s designers pay high attention to the looks and color of the cover.

The Himal generator tent cover has a stunning look and eye-catchy color (Black). The shiny and bright black doesn’t get dull because of the harshness of the weather and UV rays of the Sun.


Beyond the UV rays of the Sun, snowfall, rain, dust and dirt. There is one element which secretly allows all others elements to ruin your generator even when its cover. This element is wind. 

The Himal made its  generator tent running cover weather-resistant as well as wind-resistant too. Means no matter how strong the winds are. It’s not able to open up or make any tiny space in your covered generator. 

They have included velcro straps and elastic hem cord at the bottom of the cover for making it 100% wind-resistant. 


The Himal knows that your money is worthy. That’s why they offer you a 45 days of money back or exchange warranty. Means if you don’t like the generator cover or if there is any damage in it.

You can easily exchange it or get a refund within 45 days.Beyond this Himal also prived 1 year of limited warranty to their customers. 


  • The Himal cover is made from 600D durable polyester fabric and there is also a PVC coating included to increase its durability.
  • With the buckle straps you can easily lock the cover to stay for a longer time.
  • The installation and removal of the tent cover has made it more convenient just because of the velcro straps.
  • The Himal generator cover comes in 3 different sizes. Means you can select the right size of cover that can perfectly fit on your generator.


The Himal weather/UV resistant generator cover has a 4.6 rating on Amazon. It means Himal has satisfied and pleased their consumers quietly. 

People really liked its design and decent color. Also they find it's pretty quality stuff and money worthy. The customers are also very satisfied with the price rate of this Himal generator cover.

On the other side there are some people who complain that the material is not so thick. 


Q: Can you run a portable generator with a cover on it?

A: Well no one generator tent cover manufacturers advised their consumers to cover their generator while running. The reason behind this is that most generators are not designed to run when they are covered. 
They need ventilation. So if you cover them while running there will be a danger of catching fire or any other damage.

Q: Can you store a generator in the garage?

A: Yes you can store a generator in the garage. But keep in mind that never ever run a generator inside the garage. No matter if the garage is far from your home or attached with the home or even the doors of the garage are open. 

Q: Where do you store a generator when not in use?

A: It’s quite necessary that when you’re storing your generator when not in use to do some specific things. So that’s how your generator is always ready to reuse. Firstly store them in a cool and dry place. The fuel tank must have enough gasoline for the storing period. Last but not the least, even when the generator is not in use, try to do little maintenance after every 5 to 6 months.

Q: Can you leave a generator outside in winter?

A: The workability of the generator is not highly affected in winter. You can leave it outside in winter. But if the temperature reaches minus. Then there is something to worry about. Because at freezing temperatures the fuel can be freeze in the fuel tank. And the melted snow can also damage your generator.

Q: Is it okay to leave a generator running all night?

A: The running time basically depends on the running capacity of your generator and the fuel level in your generator. There are many generators who have different running times, some have 7 to 8 hours running time or some can run more than 12 hours. 
Means you can leave your generator running all night. But make sure your generator has enough fuel to cover such timing.


In the end, we have mentioned 3 best of the best portable generator tent cover for outside. These all above mentioned generator’s covers have top rating among their competitors. 
Now it’s your turn to select your desired generator tent cover according to your budget and give your generator more secure and safe time.

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