Is Ryobi Better Than Dewalt | A Detailed Comparison

There are many brands of tools out there. Ryobi vs. DeWalt is one of the most notable. These two big brands are highly respected and will deliver results that exceed expectations. Our experts create this detailed brand comparison to make sure you are making the right decisions and avoiding an extended return.

So without any further delay. Let’s directly dive into our Ryobi vs. Dewalt’s comparison. This will surely help you to get a better one for your professional and home use.

Is Ryobi Better Than Dewalt | History 


Stanley Black & Decker now owns DeWalt. This has helped to build its reputation in power tool manufacturing. It is a trustworthy and reliable brand. Raymond Dewalt, the inventor of the radial arms, saw, gave DeWalt their start in 1924. 

DeWalt’s tools have gone through several hands since 1920. First, they were sold to American Machine & Foundry, 1949 before finally finding a permanent home at Stanley Black & Decker.


Ryobi is a younger company than DeWalt. Yutaka Urakami founded the company in 1943. Ryobi got its start creating die-cast items. In 1968, the brand made its first entry into the power tools industry. Ryobi focuses on two main markets: Ryobi Outdoor Equipment Lines and Ryobi Power Tools.

Is Ryobi Better Than Dewalt In Price And Warranty


DeWalt offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, along with three-year or seven-year limited warranties, depending on what products you select. In addition, DeWalt is generous with its lifetime warranties. 

However, some corded, cordless, and handheld tools have limited lifetime protection. DeWalt is more expensive and provides more excellent protection. Therefore, Dewalt is the choice of our contractors.


Ryobi is a professional recommendation for anyone looking for good quality at a fair price. Ryobi power tools are less expensive than other brands, but the warranty is still good.

The two-year warranty for power tools comes with either a 3-year or 3-year manufacturer warranty. For big, outdoor power tools, the warranty is up to five years. Ryobi offers a limited lifetime warranty on their handheld tool line. Even though it sounds like it has good coverage, it’s not as comprehensive as DeWalt tools.

Is Ryobi Better Than Dewalt In Technology


Popularity and brand recognition are not only about the woodworking machine but also about the technology. DeWalt batteries work well with FlexVolt 20V Max and Dewalt 20V Max. FlexVolt allows the user to switch between different voltages depending upon what they need. The 20VMax is a battery made of lithium-ion that can provide enough power for long hours.

DeWalt offers the ToolConnect bonus feature to some of its tools. This makes it easy for both professionals and DIYers to use the tool. In addition, ToolConnect allows DeWalt power tools to be Bluetooth-ready and allows you to track your tools using the compatible app.


Ryobi is famous for its One+ system. This line includes 18V outdoor and power tools that can all be charged with the same battery. Thus, multi-tool workshops only require one type of battery and charger. The One+ system uses 18V lithium-ion batteries.

Is Ryobi Better Than Dewalt In Battery Quality

Ryobi is a great entry-level option for consumers, and its products are well-suited to the job. DeWalt’s lithium batteries are the reason why they remain the clear winner. Ryobi’s lithium-ion batteries, however, are only 18V.

Ryobi batteries can last for a very long time. DeWalt, however, offers greater battery power and more technological options. Therefore, DeWalt batteries are recommended for those who work in the construction sector.

Is Ryobi Better Than Dewalt In Size And Weight

DeWalt VS Ryobi lines are very similar in design. While both tools may have a variable speed trigger function, this is more common in the Dewalt line. The brands also emphasize comfort when operating their tools using rubber grip handles that conform to your hand and contour it.

They are also similar in weight, with some tools being heavier due to the battery pack or the brushed motors. The components and technology used to make the brand’s ergonomics will determine how they perform.

Is Ryobi Better Than Dewalt In Product Line

Ryobi’s product range isn’t what makes it so popular, but the affordable options are. Ryobi is a power tool manufacturer that specializes in compact drills, saws, and hammer drills. They also offer larger outdoor machinery such as hammer drills.

You can also purchase handheld tools from them. DeWalt offers a wide range of products that offer more options than Ryobi. Accessories from both brands can be purchased, including a driver’s kit and base lithium battery batteries. But the Ryobi rivalry against Dewalt ends here with Dewalt, the winner.

Is Ryobi Better Than Dewalt In Tools Comparison

Brushless Drill

A drill is vital in every professional’s toolbox, whether a homeowner, contractor, or DIYer. Both DeWalt, Ryobi, and DeWalt use brushless motors to power their cordless drills. A brushless motor on Ryobi’s cordless drills vs. DeWalt will allow you to adjust the speed, torque, or voltage settings depending on what you are doing.

One of the most desired features in power tools is the inclusion of brushless motors in cordless drills. Brushless tools can be found from both brands, so it’s a tie with Ryobi vs. DeWalt.

Table Saw

No matter what brand you choose, most table saws have the same capabilities. DeWalt also offers table saws. Ryobi has cordless power tools. Both table saw lines are respected power tool brands and provide durability and dependability. You will find compact table saws that are small and portable, as well as Jobsite models and those with wheeled stands.

Expert contractors determined that DeWalt won this section due to the wide range of models they offer. Ryobi is the only one with five models and DeWalt 8 total. Ryobi has 5.

Miter Saw

Ryobi, a brand newer to the power tool business, is more established than most. As a result, their efficiency is comparable with their competitors’ by incorporating brushless motor tech into their affordable tools. However, the downside to Ryobi is the range of power tools they offer.

Ryobi offers only five models in its miter saw range. DeWalt, however, currently has 24 different miter-saw options, so our team has given them the crown.

Combo Kit

The Ryobi 6-tool set includes a Ryobi cordless drill with a circular saw, reciprocating and impact saws, and a multi-tool. Ryobi has two batteries that can be charged simultaneously, which is a great feature. In addition, Ryobi offers other combination kits that have more or fewer pieces to suit your needs.

Ryobi’s construction tools are not designed to handle the demands of eight hours per day. DeWalt is the preferred brand for professionals and contractors who require cordless drills with the combo kit and a hammer drill.

DeWalt’s 6-piece combo kit includes reciprocating and circular saws, an impact driver, drill, and LED work light. It also comes with a battery plus charger. Unfortunately, DeWalt only sells one battery. This could be an issue for some users. However, DeWalt’s tools are superior to Ryobi tools when it comes to durability.

Impact driver

The impact drivers are the same as table saws or miter saws, but DeWalt has a broader selection. Ryobi offers 16 options, while DeWalt has over 60! Dewalt is the clear winner. If you value options and variety, then Ryobi is the better choice.

Final Result

Ryobi isn’t any better than Dewalt. Ryobi may offer tools at half the cost as DeWalt, but that is not their advantage. DeWalt offers more product selections and a more extended warranty that covers all items. DeWalt is also the best when it comes to innovative tools such as FlexVolt & Toolconnect.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are Ryobi products good?

A: Ryobi is an excellent brand. Ryobi power tools are reasonably priced but more expensive in the mid-range range than the high-end. Nevertheless, Ryobi will provide you with a quality tool at an affordable cost.

Q: Do professionals use Ryobi?

A: Ryobi markets itself as a “pro-featured” brand of affordable tools accessible to DIYers, homeowners, and hobbyists. Professionals widely use Ryobi tools. However, others cannot believe it and call Ryobi a DIY brand.

Q: Is Dewalt made in America?

A: DEWALT, founded and remaining based in America, is a subsidiary of an American multinational company. Our most used tools include drills, impact drivers, grinders, and reciprocating sees.

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