How To Replace Extension Cord Plug Male | Guide

We mostly use and store each and every electrical spare part very carefully. But the one part which is ignored the most and being used quite roughly is the extension cords. People used to pull the extension cords instead of the plug. This is the most common cause of damage in a cord.

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But fortunately you can repleace the damaged extention cord plug easily without making any hard struggle. 

In this article, you will get a full awareness and detailed procedure about how to replace extension cord plug male within a few minutes. 

So let’s begin the journey of learning without further delay.


Well firstly, replace extension cord plug male is not a big deal, So don’t panic. You can do this within a few minutes. You don’t need to be expert in it but there are some basic and essential factors and things about which we have to be aware before starting to replace.


Before beginning the exact method of replacing heavy duty extension cord replacement ends. Let’s take a quick look at the basic factors that need to be known for the perfect work done.

Fact 1: Extension cords have several forms. So make sure that you choose a right plug that exactly fits and suitable for the cord.

Fact 2: For ground wire use a 3-prong plug, and if the wire is a casual household extension cord then a 2-prong plug is the best option to go.

Fact 3: Don’t think that if the wire is exposed you can handle it by covering it with electrical tape. It’s the most irresponsible way to fix an extension cord plug. Because you have no idea how much the cord is damaged internally.


Below we are going to mention some main things that you probably need to replace extension cord plug male. Be sure that all the required tools are sharp enough to perform their jobs accurately.

NEW PLUG: A new plug is the main and most required thing because it’s going to take the place of the damaged plug on the extension cord. Make sure you use a brand new plug. Don’t try to fix any used plug because it can’t last longer and also causes minor or major damages.

HAND-HELD ELECTRICAL TOOLS: You must need quality electrical tools to perform the job exactly the way you want. The tools you need must be a screwdriver, through which you can easily drive the screws of the plug. 

The second one is a wire stripper, They help you in removing the protecting cover (Insulation) of the electric wire. Wire Stripper makes the removal and replacing of the wire quite easy for you.

Third tool you need is a diagonal cutter or wire cutter. You can use the wire cutter intendly for the proper and safe cutting of the wires.


If you are not a professional at this work. Then taking a little bit of care and safety is not bad. So must remember the following precautions while you replace extension cord plug male.

  • Make sure that the power station or outlet is off or unplugged while you are replacing the extension cord.
  • Wear electrical or rubber gloves. So the tools or wire’s pointed side couldn’t hurt yourself. It also helps to resist electric current. 
  • Mark the internal wires of the plug before disconnecting them. So it’s easier for you to replace them in the correct way with the new plug.
  • Strictly note that the new plug has the same amperage and voltage rate that the old one (damaged) plug had.


So after knowing all the necessary factors and precautions let’s begin the process of replace extension cord plug male.

For your convenience we have made it shorter and in a step by step process. So it’s become easier for you to understand how to wire a 3 prong plug on an extension cord.

STEP 1: In the first step you have to remove or cut off the default plug from the extension cord. So that’s how you can replace the new one in it. 

STEP 2: Now mark the cord sheathing you want to remove. Be careful that you don’t remove the cord too deeply to avoid the insulation.

STEP 3: Measured a limited length for stripping the wires. Now with a wires stripper strip the wire carefully.

STEP 4: Now twist the copper 20 to 30 times to get a proper lockage of wires. Snip off the excess part of the copper wires. 

STEP 5: Now it’s time to tie the wires to the correct terminals. This is a little tricky and a careful task. So do this with full concentration. Remember that some cord bodies have 3 wires yellow (Earth), Blue (Neutral) and Brow (Active). While some have only 2 wires that is White (neutral) and Blact (hot). 

The process is simple: tie the neutral wire with the active wire into an underwriter’s knot.

STEP 6: Lose the screw’s terminals on the plug with the help of a screwdriver. Now connect the cord wires carefully. Connect the active wire (black or brown in color) to the brass terminal, Neutral wire (blue or white in color) to the silver terminal and Earth wire (yellow or green in color) to the ground screw.

Now it’s time to tighten the screw but make sure that any of the wire hairs don’t stick out from the connection.Because it can cause a serious failure or even a damage on the extension cord or socket. 

STEP 7: At the end, tighten the cord clamp or plug clamp with the help of a screwdriver. Here you have done your task accurately and in a decent way.


Q: What are the 3 wires in an extension cord?

A: The colors of the wires that are inside the plug are used to represent different phases of the current. Usually the black or brown wire indicates the active sign, White or blue color is for neutral and the yellow or green shows that they are earth wire. 
Most plugs don’t have earth wire inserted but if you found it in your plug make sure to connect it with the ground screw.

Q: Which prong is hot on the extension cord?

A: Well, extension cords have 2 or 3 slots. If you notice, you will find that the left slot is slightly smaller than the left slot. The longer slot is basically for the neutral wire. While the smaller slot is for the hot wire. 

Q: Which is positive black or red wire?

A: Inside the 3-prong plug there are mostly three colors of wires carrying different phases of current. The positive wire in these three wires is the red one. The black one indicates the negative current. While the grey or white color wire is for ground.

Q: Are extension cords AC or DC?

A: Extension cords are mostly DC. They come in several lengths with 2 or 3 prong. You can use this DC extension cord for extending the length of any DC power cable. 

Q: What happens if you mix up hot and neutral wires?

A: Well if you mix up the hot and neutral wires this can cause a failure of current flow or shock hazard. But it doesn’t damage your electrical devices, even the damage of the extension cord is also easy to repair.

Q: Will an outlet work if wired backwards?

A: Absolutely yes, the outlet with backwards wiring still can work.

Bottom Line

Here we are done by teaching you the right way to replace extension cord plug male in detailed. Replacing extension cord plug is not a rocket science as well as not a piece of cake.
Don’t take it too lightly or burdened yourself. Just simply follow all the fact, precautions and steps wisely for getting your desired outcome.
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