How To Prevent Toddler From Climbing Out Of The Crib

How to prevent a toddler from climbing out of the crib? This is the question of almost all parents when their little one starts to stand and crawl or walk.

Many parents become concerned when their children start to try and escape the crib. Some even think this means that they’re ready for a big kid bed, but it’s part of an 18-month or two-year-old sleep regression, which is why you should not be worried about making your child move into a toddler bed too soon.

A parent’s frustration knows no bounds when their clumsy toddler climbs out of the crib in an attempt to escape. Not only does it ruin everyone’s sleep, but it also poses a serious threat to them as they are unable to comprehend the danger.

If your toddler is climbing out of their crib, no one will likely be sleeping well. Once toddlers realize they can climb out and you’re not able to stop them from doing so, the situation becomes almost impossible.

But fortunately, instead of stopping your hyperactive baby. You can do some other tricks to prevent toddlers from climbing out of the crib. You will get a positive outcome even if you try only one of these tricks. 

So let’s prevent toddlers from climbing out of the crib by using these helpful and simplest tricks.


These useful tricks will help you know how to stop the baby from climbing out of the crib. Make sure you read all of them and apply any of them which will be suitable and convenient for you.


This trick is the simplest way to prevent toddlers from climbing out of the crib. Many cribs have shorter sides on one end and higher ends on another side, so this might do the trick. 

Turn your baby crib around so that it looks like a high back wall is in front with low slanted walls towards a corner or against an adjacent wall. And then your baby found it a little bit difficult to climb over the crib.


A baby’s crib should be free of excess decorations and accessories like stuffed toys, blankets, bumpers, bedding, etc. It is best to keep your child’s bedroom separate from such extra stuff as these things can promote the risk of climbing out of their crib, which can pose a danger for them. 

Another good thing about all this is that you do not have to think too much when decorating or furnishing infant bedrooms because there are many ways in which they stay safe without resorting to additional furniture.


Adjusting the mattress to the lower position works well. However, some crib mattresses require a platform beneath them after they are lowered. Reducing it leaves space between the bed and floor which can be dangerous if they become stuck there. 

One way of solving this issue would be by using thick play mats instead. Still, you could also build your elevated platform with plywood boards cut into pieces that fit together like puzzle pieces underneath each side of where the mattress will go (make sure however many sections you use to have about 2-3 inches extra length than the width so when put against one another they do not leave any gaps above). 

You can then place your new raised bed on top without having excess height leftover at either.


Image Credit: Woolino

Sleepsacks prevent climbing out of the crib, and it’s not very costly. By using a traditional sleep sack, your baby’s feet are tucked in, and there is not much space for them to spread their legs. They might be unable to hoist themselves over the crib with a limited amount of leverage. 

Keeping babies warm when they move around at night or help prevent accidental falls from the crib can also protect against cold weather conditions during winter nights. Some hyperactive and curious babies may get out. So grabbing one that cannot be undone will ensure safety while sleeping; make sure you put on your child’s wear backwards, making it quite tough for your baby to unzip the sack.

By following any of these tricks as mentioned above, you can easily prevent toddlers from climbing out of the crib and make their babyhood more safe and enjoyable. All the jokes are not very costly. 

Even for some tricks, you don’t have to spend a single penny. So try it right now for the sake of your baby’s safety.


Some babies climb out of their crib way earlier than you’d expect. It all depends on the child’s nature, how much of a risk-taker they are, and how much of a climber they are. Ensure that you’re following their physical milestones to keep them safe by lowering the crib mattress when needed.

For some children (most commonly), their first attempt at climbing out of their cribs will be between 12 and 24 months old. Most people consider that age range as when kids begin to show signs of wanting independence by trying to get themselves up from lying down or just standing in general on solid ground for the very first time – but there’s no hard evidence backing any specific time frame since each child is different.’ 

Apart from age, the height of your baby also matters the most. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that when your baby becomes taller than 35 inches (89 centimetres), they can try escaping out during their sleep – even when you lower down the mattress to make things easier and less dangerous for them.


Here, you can buy any of the stuff mentioned above that will help prevent toddlers from climbing out of the crib. 

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The 4-position adjustable mattress and toddler bed conversion capabilities make this DaVinci Kalani 4 in 1 convertible crib grow with your baby. Its 10,000+ chemical test results contribute to cleaner indoor air, resulting in a healthier environment for your growing child’s playtime and sleep schedule.

This safe and stylish baby crib is made with non-toxic paint, so you can rest easy knowing your child will be sleeping in a clean environment. It also comes complete with two matching dressers to give the room an adorable look that matches perfectly.

The DaVinci crib is made from 100% solid sustainable New Zealand pine wood – only the best for your sweet baby. Finished in a multi-step painting process without lead or phthalate safety concerns, this product gives parents peace of mind. Shop Kalani 3-Drawer Dresser & 6 Drawer Dressers to complete their collection”.

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This Graco Premium mattress is even more durable and easier to clean. The 2021 edition mattress is made with soft removable covers that can be conveniently machine-washed. This crib and toddler mattress has also been screened for over 10,000 chemicals. 

So you know it’s safe! The GREENGUARD Gold Certification means this product has passed testing standards set by an independent organization dedicated to ensuring chemical safety in products used around young children. It also meets CertiPUR certification guidelines, which provide high-quality foam without ozone depleters or mercury-added and adhesives free of formaldehyde, among other things.

This crib mattress is designed to fit any standard full-size crib or toddler bed and weighs 7 pounds. The length, width, and height are 52 inches x 27.6 inches x 5 inches. Respectively with the foam core being targeted as firmness for infants that will ensure their safety.

While sleeping on it because it’s JPMA certified, meaning tested by independent laboratories guaranteeing high standards met for your child’s safety.

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This Woodline baby sleep bag sack is made of 100% Merino Wool Liner / 100% Organic Cotton. This Outer sleep bag is the #1 RATED and #1 SELLING merino wool baby sleep bag in the US and Canada, winning Mom’s Choice Award. 

The premium fabric prevents sleepless nights by regulating temperature for both parent & child comfort with a GOTS certified organic cotton outer. The Woolino Baby sleep bag sack makes dressing and diaper changes fast with double shoulder snaps and a two-way zipper. Plus, it has closable seat belt slots for effortless transfer between stroller, bouncer, or crib. 

An underarm snap allows this product to grow with your baby while making it great swaddle transition material too. The American company is backed by an industry-leading warranty and US-based customer service that will help you through any issues in no time at all – what could be better?

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The tealbee baby sack is incredibly soft and comfortable. It’s perfect for a baby’s sensitive skin because it keeps them warm but also prevents overheating. Tealbee sack’s spacious design allows the baby to move and kick freely.

The sleeping bag has a zipper at the centre and zips from the bottom to make it easy for moms and dads to change their babies. For extra room, we recommend that you choose a larger size and that you select a size according to your child’s height. 

This Tealbee sleeping sack is made from bamboo fabric and shrinks approximately 5% after the first wash. To minimize shrinkage, wash according to the wash label.

The bamboo quilted and organic cotton fabrics are suitable for moderate nursery temperature. The quilted design ensures that your baby sleeps comfortably and comfortably. Bamboo fabric is both breathable and moisture-wicking, so it can be kept cool and warm during winter.


Q: What age is Cosleeping safe?

A: Starting at the age of one, co-sleeping should be considered safe. The risk of co-sleeping with an infant under 12 months old is less because they are more mobile, can roll over, and can move freely without being restrained. It is dangerous to co-sleep with a child younger than 12 months.

Q: What age do babies climb off furniture?

A: When your baby can stand on his own and lift himself onto furniture or toys, you can show them how to get off a couch or bed safely. This is likely to be between 8 and 12 months. Although you may believe your baby doesn’t understand or remember certain concepts, they know much more than you realize.

Q: Is it OK to lock a toddler in his room?

A: “It’s unacceptable to lock your children in their room,” states Dr Lynelle, a Yale-educated clinical psychologist, Fellow of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, and licensed clinical psychologist. It’s unnecessary, but it can be done with a thoughtfully crafted gentle behavioural plan. Safety is the main reason.

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