How To Prevent Baby From Falling Off Bed

How to prevent baby from falling off bed? This question comes to the mind of every parent and they want an easy and effective answer to this question. As babies are too naughty and have a curious mind at the very beginning of their learning and growing stage. 

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Babies always try to get their desired things or reach their favorite place by themselves. The baby’s curious nature is surely good for them. Because using this nature they explore the world.

But sometimes it can be harmful or seriously dangerous for babies. Especially when they are not overlooking or not with their parents or guardians. The desire to get his or her favorite things or exploring the room can lead him or her to fall on the bed.

The danger of falling from bed is not only at day time when the baby is super active. There are equal chances of baby’s falling off bed at night time. Or we can say that the risk is a little bit more as compared to day time. 

Because at night parents are not as active as they are during day time. Especially for new parents, it’s quite hard to understand or discover how to prevent baby from falling off bed. 

But no worries! Because in this article we will teach you some easy but 100% workable tricks. By using which you can easily prevent  baby from falling off bed.


For the sake of your baby’s safety you have to struggle a little bit to make the bed a safe place for your baby. No matter whether it’s day or night, the baby is awake or asleep. By using these tips you can prevent baby from falling off bed.

So without further delay directly jumped to these useful and effective tricks. 


It’s very essential to keep the floor clean from every harmful or dangerous thing. Things from which your baby can get hurt after falling from bed or even a small height. Don’t place any bucket or water filled object near the bed. 

Keep your clothes in a specific place otherwise it can cause suffocation if your baby falls face-down in it. Also don’t leave any sharp or edged toy, basket, tool or anything else. 

Because falling on sharp or edged things can hurt your baby very badly. 

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This trick is the most effective to save your baby even after falling off bed. The only thing you have to do is to place any soft carpet or sheet around your bed. You can also place a soft carpet on the whole surface of the room.

The choice is totally yours. But placing soft carpet around the bed is a must. You can also use a mattress instead of a soft carpet or sheet.

Covering the surface with soft material can reduce the risk of injury even if your baby falls down from bed. 


Well in a crib it’s quite safe for parents to leave their baby for some time. But when your baby is in bed , never ever leave him or her alone. 

This is the most common trick to prevent baby from falling off bed. Leaving a baby in bed when he or she falls asleep can be safe. But the risk begins when a baby becomes half-awake.

In a half-awaken condition surely the baby will want to go to his mother. For this purpose he or she tries to crawl down from the bed. And this is the moment when a baby falls off the bed.

That’s why it’s good to be with your baby until he completely wakes up. Give your baby your full time and concentration when he or she is spending time in bed. 


Okay so this is the most traditional and easiest trick to prevent baby from falling off bed. In this trick you only need two pillows. You only have to place each pillow on both sides of your baby.

By placing pillows on the sides of your baby don’t allow him or her to crawl or move enough. Because of these obstacles (pillows) can’t roll while sleeping or even when he or she wakes up. 

A baby is not capable enough to move the piles. That’s why older people (especially grandmothers) supposed it’s the safest trick to stop baby falling out of bed when co-sleeping.

How? Suppose you and your baby both are sleeping. In the middle of the night if your baby wakes-up or becomes half-awaken. But still the baby is not capable of moving or rolling just because of the pillows on his or her both sides. 

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If you do not like to leave your baby in the crib. Or you want to share your bed with your little world. Then the one thing you have to do to make your bed safe for your baby.

The thing is that, place the bed in a place where there are very few chances of baby’s falling from the bed. Just like placing your bed on the corner side of the room instead of placing it in the middle.

By doing this the three or two sides of the bed blocks. Now only one or two sides of the bed are left unsafe. To cover these sides you can place a soft carpet or sheet (as we have already, mentioned it in trick # 2). 

Setting your bed in a safe manner is one of the best tricks to prevent baby from falling off bed. 


Even after giving your 100% and doing all safety tricks. There are still chances of baby’s falling from the bed. At that moment, you have to act wisely and handle it without hesitation.

Well your action is entirely depends on the height at which your baby falls. In case of falling from a short height. You don’t have to worry a lot. Because it doesn’t hurt your baby internally.

You will see a small or big round shaped bulge on your baby’s heart area. But it’s not dangerous for your baby. Yes it’s painful but it will go away after some time. 

But the thing to worry about is when your baby falls from a height of more than 3 to 5 feet. Falling from such a distance can hurt and damage your baby very badly. In some cases, it can cause serious injury or severe brain damage.

In case of serious fall your baby can face brain damage, internal bleeding, internal or external swelling, skull fractures or broken bones. All these damages are so terrible that’s why I try hard to prevent baby from falling off bed.


If your nightmare comes true and unfortunately your baby falls from bed. Note down some essential steps which have to be taken to not get any miserable or unexpected outcome.

  • Firstly, don’t panic, because this can make your already frightened child more frightened.
  • The second step is to examine carefully how much your baby gets hurt. 
  • If the baby isn’t seriously injured then you don’t need to worry. Just do some first adds according to the bruises, cuts or damage.
  • But if the head or any part starts to bleed. Now you have to be alert and call the doctor.
  • If the ears, nose or eyes start to bleed. There is a sign that it can be an internal bleeding. In that case, you don’t need to wait. Just see a doctor as soon as possible.
  • Keep in mind, don’t move your baby too much. Because if any of the bone of a baby hurts moving him or her too much can break or crack the affected area.
  • Don’t let your baby sleep until the doctor gives you a green signal. Mostly it’s happened that after falling the baby wants to sleep but it can be highly dangerous if the head damages internally.

By taking prompt actions after falling off a baby from bed on a hard surface can save your baby from any kind of serious damage or injury.


Don’t let your baby graze alone on the bed until his or her bones become strong enough to bear minor injuries. Also when they begin to balance themselves accurately.

It’s a clear sign that now you can take a leave and you don’t have to prevent baby from falling off bed. You can give them some space to explore the world.

According to research, normally babies more than 3 years old stop falling off the bed. Because at that age they have become wise enough and discovered the safe ways of getting off from the bed.

When your baby is 2 to 3 years old. Still you have to be a little bit conscious about his or her safety. Because at this age he or she is learning how to take safe and secure steps.

But for babies less than 2 years old you must be really very careful about their safety. Because they always need you to prevent them from falling off bed.

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Q: How do I know if the baby is OK after falling off the bed?

A: After falling off bed if your baby doesn’t lose consciousness, breathes normally, doesn’t bleed, or doesn’t have seizures. Then it’s a clear sign that your baby is OK. But still you must have to go to the doctor for a deep check-up.

Q: Should I let my baby sleep after falling off bed?

A: Well if your baby doesn’t get any serious injuries. Then let him or her sleep. But wake-up him or her after every hour. To check that they are rousable or not. If you feel that your baby is a little bit conscious instead of half-awaken. Then you need to visit a doctor as soon as possible.

Q: Can a baby falling cause brain damage?

A: Yes, if a baby falls from a height. There is a risk of serious brain damage. As the brain is the most sensitive organ of the body and babies are also too sensitive. So if they fall on their heads. It can cause serious brain injury.

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