How To Make NFT For Metaverse

If you’re a blockchain enthusiast, you’ve no doubt heard of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT). But what are they, and how do they work? This guide will explain everything you need to know about NFTs, including how to make NFTs for metaverse and use.

What Is NFT?

NFT stands for “non-fungible token.”

A non-fungible token is a term used in the crypto space to refer to unique blockchain-based assets that can be purchased and traded as if they were physical goods. NFTs are not interchangeable but have special features that make them stand out from one another. 

The most common example of an NFT is a digital collectible like CryptoKitties or CryptoPunks, which are built on the Ethereum blockchain and can be used as digital representations of physical collectibles like dogs or punk rockers.

How Do NFT Work?

NFTs work by using the Ethereum blockchain to record all transactions. The blockchain is a public ledger that records every transaction made on the network. All these transactions are stored in blocks connected in chronological order.

An NFT can be created using an Ethereum smart contract, a program that runs on top of the Ethereum network. These contracts can hold information about your NFTs and how you want them to be transferred or traded. When you make a new NFT, you can define specific rules for how it can be used, traded, or transferred.

For example, you could create an NFT called “Token Bob” representing your favorite video game character. You could set up rules so that “Token Bob” can only be traded once per person and only among registered people on your website. 

You could also set up rules that say that “Token Bob” cannot be traded outside your website unless a certain number of people agree with this trade beforehand.

How To Make NFT For Metaverse

Creating a non-fungible token (NFT) has become easy thanks to the Metaverse Lightwallet and ElastOS DApps. Creating an NFT is a simple three-step process:

Create an NFT in your Metaverse Lightwallet by clicking on the Minting tab, then clicking on the NFT tab.

To Start, Open Your Metaverse Lightwallet

To start, open your Metaverse Lightwallet. You can download it from the Metaverse website. Once it’s installed and you’ve imported your mvs wallet, go to the Mint tab:

Click The Minting Tab And Then Click The NFT Tab

You can create an NFT by clicking the Minting tab and then clicking the NFT tab. You’ll see a screen like this:

![Image of what an NFT looks like when you click it](

You will see a screen. 

Next, you will see how much ETP you must spend to create your NFT. You can choose how many tokens you want to create and how much ETH you want to spend to make those tokens.

Next, the platform will ask for a name for your NFT. This name must be unique from other names in the database since it will be associated with an address on Ethereum’s blockchain. 

You should use a descriptive name so others can quickly identify what your token represents when they see or hear about it later.

Finally, Metaverse will generate a new address for each token created so that users can send ETP or other cryptocurrencies directly into them without having access by using the “transfer by reference” feature.

Which allows someone else’s wallet address (and thus controlling their account) as long as they know enough information about who owns that wallet address, such as email address or social media handle).

Type In The Name Of Your NFT

The first step to creating your own NFT is to type in the name of your token. The name must be unique and at least three characters long, so you can use any combination of letters and numbers. 

We recommend typing in something descriptive. As many people may have similar ideas for what kind of NFTs they might like to create.

For example, “Dog” would likely be taken by someone else who has already created their non-fungible token named “Dog” within Metaverse Lightwallet. However, if you were to go with something like “Barker” or “CorgiKingdomHoundOfTheWinds,” there would be less chance that someone else would come up with a similar idea before you do.

Type in your Metaverse address, which is located inside your Metaverse Lightwallet

The Metaverse address is a long string of letters and numbers. That you can find inside your Metaverse Lightwallet under Wallet>Accounts. The format for this address is [NFT symbol]:[account number], where [NFT symbol] corresponds to the token’s symbol and [account number] corresponds to the account number. 

For example, if you had a digital cat named “Oobie Doobie” and had assigned it an account number of 2 in the previous steps, then your cat’s Metaverse address would be ODBB2.

Select an ElastOS DID.

First, you will need to choose an ElastOS DID. This will be used to access your assets in ElastOS DApps and is displayed on various blockchain explorers.

Enter an amount of ETP to send with your transaction for gas fees (0.001 ETP is recommended). 

Enter an amount of ETP to send with your transaction for gas fees (0.001 ETP is recommended). This will be deducted from your existing balance and a small transaction fee of 0.0001 ETP for registering the token.

But all other tokens you mint will be free of charge. If you don’t change any of your NFT information (name, logo, etc.). This fee pays for storing extra data on the MST addresses mentioned earlier.

After entering this information and confirming everything looks correct, click “Create Token.” The Metaverse wallet will then generate a new wallet address displayed in the text field above it. And send the registration request to MST servers.


The minting process is fairly straightforward and should take only a few minutes. Once your NFT has been created, you can easily share your newly minted token with other users by sending them its DID. That’s it, I do hope that now you have idea how to make NFT for metaverse.

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