How To Make A Crib Canopy At Home | Guide + Review

Excited about how you can make a crib canopy at home for your little world to make his living more beautiful and luxurious. Here is your destiny.

Because this article will help you make a crib canopy for your baby girl or even for a baby boy, adding a canopy on a crib enhances its beauty. Plus, it also gives it a luxurious and royal look. That surely your baby deserves.

The canopy looks gorgeous, fantastic, and eye-catching. But the most exciting and happy side is that you can make a crib canopy at home by making a little bit of struggle and using your creativity.

Yes! It seems pretty tricky to make a crib canopy. But trust me, you can make it on your own by following the most straightforward steps that will be mentioned below.

So let’s solve this enigma and begin to make a crib canopy procedure.


Before making a crib canopy at home, you must need some essential things that make your work easier and add more beauty to your canopy.

  • Hula hoop: (You can choose any of your favorite colors)
  • Quality fabric: (The color and pattern all depends on you. But make sure whatever material you choose must be breathable and soft)
  • Decoration material: (just like artificial leaves, flowers, butterflies, any of you desire)
  • A sewing machine
  • Overlocker: (If you don’t have an overlocker. No need to worry, we will share an interesting trick in the following steps)
  • Spray paint (It’s optional stuff)


STEP 1: In the first step to making a crib canopy at home. You have to adjust the hula hoop just according to the standard size. If you can only find a giant hula hoop, don’t fret. Reducing the diameter of your work area will still produce successful results. 

To reduce its size to what is recommended by our instructions (30cm), undo any staples that hold it together and cut down from one end until it matches the desired length or measures 30 cm out on both sides with tape if necessary.

STEP 2: After coating the hula hoop in a protective layer of paint, spray-paint it with your favorite color or pattern. You can also give any hue to the plastic by combining different colors and designs until you find one that speaks to you.

STEP 3: Now it’s time to cut your fabric. To do this, make sure you have an accurate measure. Cut the material just as high as your baby’s crib. Or adjust accordingly for taller ceilings. 

Afterward, if you’re unsure of how long they should be and want a little extra slack at first-make them 1cm longer than necessary on each side. Then trim off any excess after attaching lashings to get rid of all the strings.

That will inevitably come loose from cutting such a large rectangle into smaller pieces (as well as those pesky threads along hems).

STEP 4: This is an effortless way to finish your fabric edges. However, if you don’t have an overlocker or can sew well enough for that finishing touch.

There are still other options available. You could also use this method: create small seams along the circumference and on each side of the lengths. 

Cut from the circle pattern to preserve those fraying strands near these areas with which it would be not easy/time-consuming to work around afterward without having sewn them first.

STEP 5: The fabric circle is sewn around the hula hoop to create a tent on top. This requires some scrunching, but it will be worth it as this extra fabric at the top of your canopy will give you an angled pitch when finished.

STEP 6: Sew the four lengths together with your sewing machine in a way that ensures all seams are facing one direction, so when you hang it up, they will be on the inside.

STEP 7: When you are sewed the strips together, use your trusty machine to pleat the top of them. This will make it easier for you when hand-sewing on a hula hoop.

You don’t need to be precise here. Just fold sections and sew them as you want. But if that sounds too daunting, then measure and pin any pleats down before stitching through with stitches so tiny they won’t break or fray in time.

STEP 8: This is the last step in making your hula hoop skirt. Pleat and hand sew this fabric around it. Just like you did on the waistline. When sewing these seams, make sure they face inward so that no raw edges will be seen below.

STEP 9: Now that your canopy is done, you’re ready to decorate. To get the party started, you can hand sew two eucalyptus garlands around the top and then add some extra gumnut stems, berry stems, and eucalyptus branches all around your hula hoop for decoration.

NOTE: With the endless number of ways to decorate your canopy, you can go as creative and imaginative with it as possible. 

You could use flowers for a more natural touch or fairy lights if you want something modern yet delicate to set the mood. Whatever route is best for you, remember that there are no rules to this process.


Apart from homemade crib canopy. A considerable number of brands offer ready-made crib canopy to make your baby’s crib and nursery more beautiful and admirable in less time.

  • Easy to assemble
  • Adorable looks
  • Multiple uses
  • Prevent from bugs and mosquitos
  • The stand and stick are not included


The baby mesh canopy is excellent for a nursery because it creates the perfect environment. Tiny mesh holes allow cool air to come in, make a good atmosphere and protect your child’s eyes from dazzling lights.

So that the baby can sleep more comfortably, it also has an adjustable height of 79″, which means you won’t have trouble finding somewhere high enough to hang this net.

The bottom circumference measures 500 cm/197 inches – meaning there should be plenty of room underneath for all those toys that keep falling over on hardwood floors.

  • Foldable
  • Highly portable
  • Eye-catchy looks
  • Inexpensive
  • Doesn’t comes with a stand


No longer will your baby have to suffer the hardship of mosquitos, thanks to these high-quality bed nets. They are made from galvanized steel wire and have a unique structure that makes them more substantial than other products on the market. 

The advanced imported white double woven wires protect against mosquitoes as well as filtration for air quality. This means you won’t need an extra filter in addition. These excellent mosquito prevention devices can be installed anywhere in your home. 

So make sure they’re always within reach when it’s time to relax with family or friends during those warm summer days outside. 

You can easily transport this product because it is portable and foldable down into thousands of pieces without deformation, which ensures no breakage either – perfect while.

  • Perfect size
  • Skin-friendly
  • Royal looks
  • Extremely soft
  • Easy to remove to take
  • The color can be pretty different from advertising. 


The princess of your toddler’s dreams will love this beautiful canopy. It is the perfect addition to their room, transforming it into a stunning little palace that they can feel just like the royalty in.

You’ll be able to share photos with all your friends on social media and get lots of likes for such an adorable gift for kids or parents alike. This beautifully crafted bed canopy comes complete with soft, breathable fabric, so you know babies are going to sleep comfortably when using it over their cradle or crib. 

The cutest lace decoration makes this look even more enchanting – what could make any child happier than feeling like a fairy tale princess?

  • Comfortable 
  • 100% safe
  • Big enough
  • Extra-long
  • Highest quality material
  • Too big for any pack and play crib


If you’re looking for a way to make your baby more comfortable and safe in their sleep space, then look no further with our wide range of crib canopies that are designed with both comfort and convenience in mind.

We have something perfect for all the stages of life. Our large canopy is big enough to fit any size cot bed or cradle without gaps from its extra-long 6 feet high base (20 ft), which will keep them warm on even the coldest nights. 

You might also want one if you plan on using it outdoors as an extra decoration piece for your room. Not only does this beautiful network well indoors but outside too, so decorate away. This beautifully made product would be a great gift idea.

  • Skin-friendly
  • Highly comfortable
  • Easy to install
  • Enhanced the beauty of a crib
  • Easy customer service
  • The netting isn’t as full/thick 


Luxury baby bedding for your little princess. Soft, lightweight fabrics that are durable and breathable. Also designed to block light, so your child has a fantastic place to sleep or play. The perfect size (240cm/94 inches) will fit on most cribs as well as toddler beds.

Giving you the option of using this silk fabric across multiple areas in their room with ease. On top is an artificial rose wreath – it’s just like icing on the cake when creating her dream space- what better way than adding some elegance?

The bed canopy provides the perfect balance of light and darkness, comfortable height to provide privacy without sacrificing natural lighting. The steel rings are sturdy enough for any adult or child’s weight but still lightweight, so you can quickly move them from room to room as needed.


Q: Is it safe to have a canopy over a crib?

A: Many babies are capable of standing up in their cribs just a few months before they can even walk. The National Safety Council recommends removing anything that hangs over the crib around five months old. Otherwise, your baby could get injured by it crashing down onto them and crushing them while they’re not looking.

Q: Can I use regular curtains on a canopy bed?

A: Canopy beds are often adorned with heavy and long curtains that provide a sense of privacy. For those who want to let in the light, sheer or sheers may be more ideal since they’re made up entirely of see-through fabric.

Q: What material is used for the bed canopy?

A: You don’t need fancy materials to make one either; just about anything will do. Chintz works well because it has more texture than plain cotton sheets while still being lightweight enough not to tangle easily. Gingham would give your room a cheerful ambiance without feeling too juvenile, given its geometric patterns.

Q: Are canopy beds 2020 in style?

A: Canopy beds are a go-to for many interior designers looking to craft an inviting retreat inside the bedroom. The fabric of these canopy beds can easily complement any design aesthetic, from more urban styles and modern features to traditional pieces like lace curtains or quilts on classic wooden frames that harken back decades even when they’re new.

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