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How to keep Bassinet or Crib warm in winter?

how to keep crib warm in winters

Your infant’s sleep cycles can be disturbed because of the harsh winter nights. Let us guide you how to keep bassinet or crib warm in winter for your baby.

As a parent, you need to make sure their body temperature is maintained with changing temperature. Because infants can regulate body temperatures themselves.

Room heating or complete HVAC house heating systems can be expensive. However, there are many other affordable measures to keep your bundle of joy warm and cozy in the Crib.

You also keep the safety rules in mind to lessen the chances of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

Below we have gathered numerous practically effective tips from expert pediatricians. Also some insights from experienced parents on how to keep the Bassinet or Crib warm in winters.

Experts’ Tips & Tricks to keep your Baby’s Cribs & Bassinet warmer in winters

Adjust your Baby’s Room Temperature

Always keep a portable thermometer to measure your baby’s room temperature. It will keep room temperatures consistent and prevent form sudden drop in a few degrees.

Also such thermometer can help you measure your baby’s body temperatures.

However, as a parent, you can also check your baby’s body temperature. You have to make sure your baby is not sweating due to overheating.

Always check for sweat on his head and hairs. You can also check at the back of his neck and hands. If these points are sweaty or hot, then you might need to lower the room temperature.

I would highly recommend you to buy this Baby monitor with a room temperature sensor as well as night vision from Amazon’s choice

Feed your Baby Well

To make sure your baby sleep well during night time, do feed the baby well.

As when food is digested it releases extra heat energy to the body. Also keeps the baby warm and satisfied.

By feed him well, you will observe lesser awakening windows and longer sleep time during night.

Appropriate Clothing

American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) strictly forbids the parents to not use blankets or layers of sheets to cover infants in Cribs or Bassinet.

If your baby is above 12 months, you must check our Expert’s Guide. On selecting the Best blanket size for your baby also what to cover your infant with?

That’s why they also do not recommend co-sleeping with infants till 12 months.

Co-sleeping with parents could lead to suffocation because of blankets, also not safe to sleep with exhausted or drunk parents.

Pre-Heating the Crib

If you have already got electrically heated blankets or mattress for your baby, then you only need to pre-heat few minutes earlier putting your baby to sleep.

It not only helps to maintain a suitable temperature but also radiates the heat to the surrounding.

Cover Baby’s Head and Hands

However, indoors you are not recommended to keep the baby’s head covered while sleeping. But head’s can be covered with woolen caps while playing in the crib.

You can also cover your infant’s hands and feet while sleeping. To cover the head, hand, and feet together so you can make the least skin exposed and interacted with the cold temperatures.

You can use a onesie, sleepsacks, sleepsuits with a swaddle to cover with. To ensure proper covering and isolation from the cold temperature of your little one.

Do check out this Best Seller Baby Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit for your tot.

Placing Heating Pads

You can place a heating pad at the back of the baby. To keep give him a cozy and snuggly sleeping experience.

However, make sure the temperature is not too hot nor too luke warm. The temperature should be optimal enough to support as a extra heat source through out the cold night.

Position of Bassinet or Crib

It really matters where you place your baby’s crib or bassinet. It should not be placed near air vents or open windows during cold wintery nights.

Keep the Windows shut

Always keep the windows shut, as there is no need of cold breeze rushing into your baby’s crib. Plus the temperature falls further after evening in winters.

Skip the daily night-time Baby Bath

Yes, you are good caring parent. It is not necessary to give daily baths in winters.

You can skip Baby baths and replace them with sponge baths.

Also giving your baby a body massage will relax his muscles and nerves. It will allow the baby to be prepared for a cozy night-time sleep.

Use of Room Humidifier or Room Heater

Winter season is always dry and cold. You can use a room humidifier to support moisture content in the air near your baby. This will help the baby to ease with breathability.

Portable room heaters are not that expensive. They can be used for freezy winter days and night to keep your baby warm.

Always make sure the Bassinet or Crib is Dry

Sometimes, you don’t realize that your baby Crib mattress or Bassinet’s mattress is wet somewhere and you lay your baby.

It time for you to be proactive before laying the baby, always double check the mattress surface.

Make sure it is not wet or damp because of any reasons.

Why do you need to keep your Baby warmer in winters?

Obviously because babies can not keep themselves warm in winters. You should be constantly checking for room temperatures and body temperatures.

Sometimes they are crying because of feeling too hot or feeling too cold.

To Keep the Baby Healthy

Infants’ immunity system is still dependent on mother’s milk. Babies are already getting vaccinated frequently. Because the baby’s own immune system is learning how to cope up and fight with the microbes in regular life.

So you can afford to take the risk of getting them sick because of the cold season.

It is very common for babies to get flu or cough causing congested breathing problems and blocked nostrils.

Trust me I have seen it all, there is nothing worse than a baby crying because of breathing issue.

You have to run to the pediatricians and get over the counter medicines. I also had bought a steaming machine to soothe his nasal congestion.

Therefore you must keep the baby warm, clean, hygienic and feed with nutritious mother’s milk.

Being a parent is already so overwhelming. You can not afford to deal with a sick, irritated, sleep-deprived baby constantly crying at the top of his lungs.

To Regulate Body Temperature

Remember, the baby’s body temperature needs neither to be too cold nor too hot.

Whenever your baby cries for no reason. Always give a body temperatures and room temperature check.

If baby is feeling to hot, take off a few layers of clothing’s for a few hours. Like I used to remove or loosen up my baby’s swaddle and he would stop crying.

To Enhance Growth and Development

Proper quality sleep is the key to better growth and development of your baby.

Your baby’s metabolic system is faster then ever it will in your whole life.

That’s why most of the time, the baby is eating or sleeping.

But the fact is baby’s sleep quality needs to be maintained. High quality sleep can help in better cognition development.

Quality sleep is dependent on many factors, one of which is body temperature and room temperature.

No one will want their baby to feel cold or shiver, and that baby will be unable to sleep properly.

Gadgets to maintain a warm & cozy sleep for your Baby on freezing winter nights

With the advancement in technology, your journey of motherhood has become much easier than ever.

Do check the products mentioned below which help to reduce the parenting stress and continuous supervision.

Room Monitors for your Infant’s Nursery

You are a full-time parent but you also have to do other household chores. You might be in the kitchen or basement, cooking or doing laundry.

But at the same time you are very conscious about the baby in the crib. Here comes the need to have a good room monitor.

With the help of an affordable monitor with great performance. You can keep yourself updated while doing home chores or even remote office work.

For this, I would recommend you one of the most sold New BabySense Room monitor for your baby. It comes with a bundle of features including audio, video, room temperature, lullabies, white noise, and two-way talking too.


Heated Mattress Pad

Personally speaking as a mother, I don’t think there could be any better product to secure baby from freezy winter nights.

I used heated mattress pad over my baby’s crib mattress to ensure constant optimal warm supply of heat.

It is best for infants. Because we can not cover them with sheets or layers to avoid suffocation leading to infant deaths.

This is the most sorted Amazon’s choice Sunbeam Heated Mattress, you must check out for your baby.

Portable Electric Space Heater

Portable space heaters are portable, much safer options to heat up the nearby space of Crib via radiating heat energy.

It maintains a shield of warmer under controlled temperatures.

It is affordable, portable and safer options to keep your baby warn anywhere in your home.

Do check out this Electric Portable Heater with a thermostat for your little one.

Baby Bottle Warmer

Buying a baby bottle warmer will save you errands to the kitchen in middle of night.

It is something must-have parenting product specially in winters when every thing tends to get cold faster.

So you will definitely need to have one of these nearby while feeding your baby or after short intervals. Whenever you feel to warm up the baby bottle a bit.

Do check this Philips Avent Baby bottle warmer. It is the best seller and Amazon’s choice product .

In the End…..

Being a parent is not an easy job. Like your baby’s sleep training, there are no uniform instructions or manual guides on how to be a perfect parent. But one can always strive harder to become a proactive, Sensible parent.

Frequently Asked Questions from New Parents

Q: Can I keep my baby warm without House heating system in my home?

Yes, you certainly can keep your baby warm in winter without needing to invest in expensive heating systems. Do check the tips & tricks to keep your baby warm. Also, check some must-have products suggested by experts to keep your baby warm.

Q: Are the portable gadgets to keep my baby warm expensive?

No, there are many affordable and efficient products you can get to keep your baby warm. You can check some must-have products suggested by experts to keep your baby warm.

Q: How frequently should I check my baby body temperature?

Every now and then, whenever you think your baby is irritated or crying for no reason. Check his hair for sweat.

Q: What are cons of keeping my baby warm constantly?

You have to make sure your baby is not overheated or flushed because of wearing layers of clothing.

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