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Drill out a safety lock to get back your essential papers, expensive pieces of jewelry, and other stuff is now not too difficult. But yes, you need proper awareness about how to drill out a safe lock.

Sounds interesting but quite unbelievable? But trust me if you know how to use a drill properly. You can do it within less time. 

Sometimes we lose our safe’s key or forget the combination of the safe. I know that time is quite depressing for everyone. But you can easily get back all of your necessary things that are in the safe. By using your drill smartly.

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So in this article, we will tell you how to drill out a safe. Stick with us till the rest of the article because it will be pretty interesting and informative. 


Well, this is not going to be too critical to drill out a safe lock. But don’t be too smart no matter how smartly you can use your drill. Still, you have to be well aware of some essential facts which help you to complete your task accurately.

Keep in mind that after drilling a lock the lock-plug will be destroyed (Means after that you can’t reuse it). But the mechanism of the safe should be in working condition.

So let’s begin the procedure of drilling out a safe lock. For your ease, we have divided the whole procedure into easy and understandable small steps. So you can easily take each step without facing any hassle. 


To drill out a safe lock you need some standard tools. These tools will make your work easier and save you time and money.

DRILL MACHINE: The most main and must-have tool is a drill machine. It can be corded or cordless both can perform the task according to your need. If you don’t have a drill then try to borrow it from a  neighbor or hardware store. Because without it you can’t open your safe safely.

DRILL BITS: To accomplish the task you must need different sizes of drilling bits. These will help you in performing the task with accuracy.

A FLAT-HEADED SCREWDRIVER: A flat-headed screwdriver will be used for two purposes. The one is to make the holes of the pin wider. So you can easily drill it. The second purpose is to replace the safe lock from its place by applying pressure on it. 

HAND GLOVES: Well this is optional but if you use it could be good for your hands. Wearing hand gloves can protect your hands from any kind of harm that can be caused by using a drill or screwdriver.  


Keep in mind that, there are various methods to drill out a safe lock. But below we are sharing the most basic and easiest method. Which you can apply on almost every type of lock.


In the first step to drill out a safe lock, you have to deeply examine the lock’s type. And also on which mechanism it works. It can be seen as no a big thing. But yes it’s quite necessary to get your desired outcome.

If you can get any clue about the safe lock. Then it will be good to consult any hardware store or blacksmith. Because they can guide you about the lock type and its mechanism.


In step 2 you have to remove the outer cover of the lock. So you can see the places of the lock’s screws. Well, this is a little bit tricky but it’s the most essential step to drill out a safe lock.

After removing the outer cover. You will be noticed there are small marks on the surface of the lock. Which indicates that these are the area where the lock’s screws are fixed.

Mark these areas with the help of a measuring scale and a marker or anything which can be prominent on the surface. 

This will help you to drill in an accurate place and reduce the risk of wrong drilling. In short, you will get a specific target on which area you have to drill. 


Step 3 is an action step. Because after marking the screw’s points. Now you have to drill all of these points to loosen the screws. 

But it’s not as easy as you think. The thing is not about to start drilling. You have to begin the process with a small size bit (at least ⅛ inch). Then increase the size of the bits according to the size of the holes.

Firstly choose to run the drill at a medium speed. But when the holes start to become prominent slow down the speed of the drill.

Keep drilling until the drill bit catches the latch bar. Keep in mind this will take a little bit of time of yours. So drill it with consistency and patience.


Okay, when you have completed your drilling task. You will be noticed that now the lock is pretty loose. Pull the door of the safe a little bit. You will get enough space where you can easily insert a flat-headed screwdriver.

Place the screwdriver on the safe’s lock. Now pressured the screwdriver with the help of a hammer. After 2 or 3 attempts the lock will leave its place and yes you have opened your safe lock by using a drill.


Here you can drill out a safe lock by following the above-mentioned steps without hurting yourself and damaging your safe. By replacing the old lock with a new lock you can again use the safe as you were doing before. 


Q: How do you open a locked safe without a key?

A: Well open a safe without a key is going to be a little bit tricky but it’s not impossible. You just have to use an appropriate tool wisely. The best tool for this purpose is a drill. But if you don’t have a drill or if you’re safe it too small or not enough strong. Then you can also use a paper clip, hairpin, or a screwdriver. 

Q: Can you open a cannon safe with a magnet?

A: You will be surprised but yes there are many cannon safe which can be easily opened using a magnet. Be sure to use a quality magnet because it has more magnetizing power as compared to any low-quality and cheap magnet. Also, use a big size magnet to get a better result. 

Q: Can you drill out a lock cylinder?

A: People thought that it’s quite tough to drill out a lock cylinder. But the reality is too far from it. The cylinder lock can easily be drilled out as compared to other safe locks. The only thing you have to do is destroy the tumbler pins by drilling a hole through the lock cylinder. For this purpose, an eighth-size wider drill bit can be good to use. 

Q: What does the TCT drill bit mean?

A: TCT  means (Tungsten Carbide Tipped) drill bits. These are the strongest drill bits. It works much better than cobalt alloy bits. The TCT drill bits are the most recommended bits of the locksmith. These bits can hold their edges much longer than any other metal bit.

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