How To Build Solar Generator | Detail Guide

Want to build solar generator by yourself to save your money and time? Well you have hit the write article. Because in this article we are going to build a solar generator for under $200 to $300. 

Nowadays generators have become one of the most important machine. It helps people to get more power for their home or outdoor appliances. Also provides enough power at the time of power failure or during travelling or camping. 

Building a solar generator instead of using any electrical generator is quite beneficial and cheap. Not only for yourself but also for the environment. 

Before building cheap diy solar generators. Let’s have a look at the reasons why we preferred to build solar generator. So that’s how you will get a more clear and conceptual way about it. 

Want to buy some solar generator kits. Here, take a look.

Renogy 100 Watts 12 Volts Monocrystalline Solar Starter Kit
Renogy 100 Watts 12 Volts Monocrystalline Solar Starter Kit
  • 19.84 Pounds weight
  • 18.9 Volts input
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Includes 100W Solar Panel 
SUNGOLDPOWER 200 Watt 12V Polycrystalline Solar Panel
SUNGOLDPOWER 200 Watt 12V Polycrystalline Solar Panel
  • Polycrystalline Solar Panel
  • Charge Controller
  • Hard plastic connectors
  • Easy Installation
Topsolar 100W 12V Solar Panel Kit
Topsolar 100W 12V Solar Panel Kit
  • 20A Solar Charge Controller 
  • Solar Cables
  • Brackets for Mounting
  •  includes 12 Volt solar panel



One of the most effective reasons to build solar generator is that they are highly eco-friendly. The solar generators don’t need any moving parts, fuel and oil. That’s why they don’t release any kind of pollution. 

Using solar energy instead of electrical energy is the biggest step towards making our planet green and safe.The solar generators produced no pollutants that’s why now everyone prefers it to save the environment from harmful gases and smoke.

Not only for the environment, solar generators are also safe for use indoors or outdoors. In electrical generators there is always danger of fire because of fossil fuels. But the solar generators are 100% safe from any kind of harmful hazard. 


Building a solar generator by yourself has the most effective benefit, which is that you can control the power capacity of the solar generator. Means you can increase or decrease the power capacity according to your need.

If your home appliances need more power you can add more solar sheets to increase the power capacity of your portable solar generator. And in case, if you have excess power then you can easily remove the solar sheet to get a balanced amount of power. 

With an electrical generator you can’t do this kind of thing.


Building a solar generator by ownself is just like a one time investment. You have to spend on the tools and components only once then they can run approximately 20 years. In addition, these components also come with a warranty. 

So if any of the components or tools stops working or becomes damaged you can replace it easily. 


Well if you build solar generator on your own so you don’t need any other person for the maintenance. Because you know each simple and complicated part about your generator. So you can easily fix them without taking any outside help.

Instead of outdoor maintenance a 10000 watt solar generator doesn’t need too much maintenance. It means you don’t have to spend extra money for its maintenance. However, some little care and care can increase the lifespan of your solar generator.


Okay so this is one of the main reasons to build solar generator. The electrical generators have many heavy running machines inside it that’s why their costs are much higher. 

While the solar generators can be made from some specific components whose costs are not much higher. That’s why a homemade solar generator is quite less expensive as compared to an electrical generator. 

Also solar generators don’t need fuel and oil while fr electrical generators these are must components. This also saves your money. Plus they can work more effectively than any electrical generators. 


As we have mentioned above, building solar generator is highly beneficial for the environment. It also reduces the noise pollution. Because it doesn’t produce any kind of annoying and disturbing noises.

You can get a peaceful and calm environment around your surroundings while the solar generator is working. 


Now we are fully aware of why we need to build solar generator. So let’s get started on the journey of how to build your own solar generator. 

Firstly take a look at the basic tools you need to make it accurately for your use.


1. SOLAR PANELS: Solar panels are the major tool in building solar generator. Because these are capable of catching the Sun’s light and transferring them into solar energy. 

There is no bound in selecting more or less solar panels. But make sure you choose the quantity of panels that can produce your required energy easily. A single solar panel can generate 12 to 16 volts.

2. STANDARD BATTERY: Without a battery your solar generator can’t store solar energy. That’s why I try to use specially made solar generator lithium battery or deep-cycle lead -acid batteries. 

These are more than 98% efficient, lightweight, easy to replace and come with 10 years of warranty.

3. DC POWER INLET: DC power inlet is used to provide required power to your DC appliances. You can choose any DC power inlet but a triple inlet model is supposed to be one of the best DC power inlets.

4. AC POWER INVERTER: AC power inverters are basically for AC appliances. If you want to run Ac appliances on your solar generator you must need an AC power inverter. 

Because it transfers DC power into AC power for your AC household appliances.

5. TOOLS: Of course to combine and fit all above mentioned components you need some mechanical tools. Through these tools you can give a strong and stubborn shape to your solar generator. 

The included tools are wire stripper and cutter, a set of screwdrivers, hot glue gun, cordless or corded drill, utility knife and files.

Note: Beyond the above mentioned components. You can also use many other parts (Rugged case, solar charge controller, Battery maintainer) to increase the lifespan of your solar generator and make it more advanced and better for use.


After collecting all the basics parts and tools. Now it’s time to assemble all these parts in the right way to build solar generator. 

We know it’s quite complicated. That’s why for you we have divided the whole procedure into easy steps. So it will become easier for you to get.

STEP 1: Very first you have to take a standard case where you are going to place all the components. You can easily buy it from the market. Make sure to place all the components tightly. So they can’t move from their place when you transfer the solar generator from one place to another.

We will suggest you place the batteries at the corner closest to the case. The reason for doing this is that the batteries are the heaviest component. That’s why placing it in the corner is much better. 

STEP 2: After placing all the components. Now it’s time to wire them up. Make essential holes in the case (with the help of drill) from where you can easily pass the wires.Wiring all the components it’s not very difficult but you have to do it with more concentration. 

Just simply connect the negative poles with the positive poles. Connect DC inlet and solar panels to the battery. Also if you are willing to use an AC power inverter then also connect it to the battery in the same way.

STEP 3: Place the solar panels at the top of the case. So that’s how you can easily place them facing the Sun. 

Make sure to glued the excess wires in an assembled form. So they can’t create any problems. Also glued the solar panel carefully to give a firm and strong grip.

Here you have built a solar generator on your own. Place it in the Sunlight for about 5 to 8 hours to charge the dead battery. After that you can enjoy the service of your homemade solar generator.

You can run many of your AC and DC home appliances with this solar generator easily. 


In the end, we have completely guided you on how you can build solar generator. We must say that, choose all the basic components that have standard quality. Follow all the instructions carefully to get a desired result.
 Also try to do a little maintenance after every 6 months or a year. That will surely increase the lifespan of your solar generator. 

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