How Is Augmented Reality Transforming the Future of E-commerce?

E-commerce is no doubt the fastest growing trend of the present times. As consumers become more comfortable shopping online, retailers and various brands are placing their best efforts on developing more innovative ways to gain maximum attention.

Yes!! Here innovation calls for Augmented reality, a genuinely fantastic technology offering platform for entirely new shopping experiences, hence speaking for itself that Augmented Reality is transforming the future of E-commerce.

Back in the days when we used to listen to stories where people talked to mirrors or saw the future in crystal balls, we never knew it could be possible. Now you can see everything on a 6 inches screen of your smartphone. Technology has advanced to the point that you can now enjoy your favorite movies and TV shows in 3D.

Technology advancements have revolutionized the entire internet experience by bringing augmented reality and virtual reality forward. Just like every other technology field is influenced by augmented reality (AR), so is E-commerce. Now AR is not just a sci-fi concept that used to be seen in movies. 

Let’s get to know more about how augmented reality is transforming the future of E-commerce, but first, we should understand what augmented truth is.

What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented reality gives you an enhanced experience of a real-world object and things. You will get information from different sensory stimuli in computer-generated perceptual information. Sensory modalities used in the improved experience include visual, haptic, auditory, etc.  

Your real-world perception is enhanced by combining it with computer-generated information. You will get an immersive and lively experience with augmented reality. Your real-world perception will be brought together with digital communication for a fantastic experience in AR. 

With the help of augmented reality, 3D models can be produced and blended with the real world using a live camera feed. This helps a person understands how those objects will look in the real world. 

Augmented Reality in E-Commerce 

Providing the customers with an immersive experience of online shopping is one of the main goals of Augmented Reality in E-Commerce. With the expansion of digital spaces in the past few years, shopping experiences have also changed. People don’t have to go to crowded malls to buy stuff.

Now you can easily shop on your smartphone or your desktop, and the best part is to have an immersive experience with the help of AR. The 3D visualization helps the customers look at the product in the way they will see it in the real world. If you are shopping online, you will also get product demos and virtual try-ons to better understand your product. 

Highlighting a few examples of how AR is transmuting the future of E-commerce, let us have a look!!

The Future of E-Commerce with Augmented Reality

There are several ways through which augmented reality is changing the future of E-commerce. Jotting it down, let’s learn about the different benefits and uses of augmented reality in E-commerce.


Sight is the most important sensory modality of all. Our brain loves to look at aesthetically pleasing things. AR makes it easier and better for you to look at these. With the help of X-ray vision, augmented reality helps you look at interior features which cannot be seen otherwise. You can see a 3D representation of your desired items and make a better choice. 

Immersive Experience 

The online shopping trend was strengthened during the pandemic hit. People used to love to go physical shopping. The perks of being physically present during shopping are touching the product and better assessing the quality.

One of the major disadvantages of online shopping was customers being unable to look at the products the way we look during physical shopping. AR has solved the problem by providing an immersive product experience. 

Using AR in E-commerce helps the customers look at the product with a better understanding. On the other hand, sellers can represent their products better with the help of AR. They can offer virtual try-on, 3D visualizations of the product, and demos which all add to the customer’s experience. 

Better Interaction

Interaction remains an essential feature in the internet world. Many things are entirely dependent upon interaction. Shopping is no exception. The shopping experience highly depends on how a person interacts with the products. 

There were times when buttons, knobs, and touch screens were used for interaction with products. Now you can interact with these products remotely. AR has made it even easier and more attractive to interact with products. You can now use your voice commands and even hand gestures to interact with products in different stores. 

Even though this “interact” ability is relatively new, it has gained immense popularity. Customers can take advantage of this ability, but workers can also perform various tasks without touching. Amazing.

Increased Customer’s Interest 

Augmented Reality allows the customers to look at products the way they see them in the real world. It does provide live not only 3D interactive models to the customer but also an engaging experience for them. 

What is better than sitting on your couch and shopping virtually with live 3D models? We say nothing is better. Through surveys and research, it has been observed that using AR models in E-commerce has significantly increased the time spent by users on the product page. It has also increased customer engagement which consequently leads to more sales. 

Better Decision Making 

Our eyes collect the most data from our surroundings, and we rely on our sight more than any of our senses. Around 85% of the information gathered is accessed through vision by humans. Due to our dependence on visual communication and stimuli, we also look for attractive things to the eyes. Similarly, the information provided through AR helps make a better decision.

It is also known that cognitive load increases if the instructions are read in the form of text than if it is taken in visual stimuli. Augmented Reality is powerful enough to provide all the information you need for the decision-making process. 

Providing everything to you in the same place and giving you all kinds of information visually reduces cognitive load. Moreover, we can’t see a better interface than our surroundings, and AR makes it even better for you by enhancing the real-world stimuli with computer-generated models. 

You don’t need 2D information anymore because AR improves your ability to understand what a merchant has to offer to you. You also have more detailed information about your product which helps you make an informed decision. What else could you ask for?


Making a successful purchase is one thing for merchants, but making the customers keep it and not return it is another thing. Many businesses face a higher number of returns in their businesses. Higher return rates take up a lot of resources and are seen as one of the top problems in business.

One of the surveys suggested that almost half of the people returned the items they purchased last year. Another found out that many customers returned the items as they were damaged. Many other customers claimed that the product was not appropriately described, which is why it was returned. 

The problem can be with the understanding of the customer or a lousy description by the owner. The answer to the question of “how is AR transforming the future of Ecommerce” is also that it will fill the gap between the customer’s understanding and the merchant’s description.

It will help the customer find better products, and the rate of returns will be reduced. AR implementation will be beneficial in terms of lowering returns as well as the correct visual representations will not leave much room for confusion. 

Improved Productivity 

Augmented Reality is not just a single-dimensional entity. You can take different kinds of benefits and modify their use according to your requirements. You can use this in any productive way you want and see the positive changes for yourself.

If you are a merchant, your primary concern (after customer satisfaction) will surely be the increased productivity of your staff. AR comes for your rescue in this arena as well. You can improve your workforce productivity using AR. 

Augmented reality is revolutionizing training, coaching, and instructions for you. We will take the example of sensory information collected through the eyes. The information gathered through your eyes has a different impact on your brain. It also decreases your mental load.  

Specific fields also get better results if the information is provided through visual aid instead of written instructions. For instance, assembly tasks are better learned through visual communication. In-person training is time-consuming and expensive, so AR is the best-suited option for this. 

You can get step-by-step, real-time, on-site visual guidance with the help of AR for machine operation, repair, and maintenance of machinery and product assembly. You will get rid of complicated 2D instructions.

If you are still thinking about how augmented reality is transforming the future of E-commerce, this is probably the best answer to your question. Augmented reality is at best when used in providing instructions for the complicated task of assembling Boeing aircraft. Mind-Blowing!!

Conversion Rates 

Just like any other field of E-commerce, Augmented Reality has also proved to be valuable for improved conversion rates. It is observed in many surveys that customers are likely to convert if the visual presentation of the product they are buying uses AR. 

Store owners observe improved conversion rates as Augmented Reality provides a rather eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing picture of the product. The immersive experience of augmented reality makes it easier for the user to decide on the product.  


Users tend to feel about their shopping experience if they can have their expertise customized and personalized. Customizing the shopping experience is also known to improve conversion rates. If you give your customer the freedom to customize their experience, it will likely enhance the purchase and the conversion rates. Augmented Reality is going to save the day for you here as well. 

You can implement interactive AR in E-commerce for online shopping and get a customized and personalized product experience. A shopper can customize the product’s features and check them for themselves.

For instance, a user can look at different styles and colors of a pair of shoes and then look for themselves as to how different colors will suit them or not. Don’t you love this fantastic new technology of AR? 

Product Development 

AR is not revolutionizing the shopping experience on the user’s end, but it is also making it easier for businesses to develop their product better and more efficiently. The computer-aided models have only seen the 2D part of their interaction.

They can now be used with 3D models using augmented reality. AR also lets engineers superimpose computer-aided models on physical prototypes to compare how well they match.

Wrapping up:

Augmented Reality has changed our understanding of shopping for good. Consequently, E-Commerce businesses have changed also. It is of utmost importance that the E-commerce industry understands the significance of augmented reality.

Even though Augmented Reality has not entirely taken over the E-commerce industry, we have still seen the miraculous effects of AR. It is safe to say that businesses that have changed their companies with AR have seen positive changes and improved conversion rates. 

To finally answer the question of “how is augmented reality transforming the future of E-commerce” is that AR is the future of the business industry and implementing AR is a win-win situation for both customers and the store owners. 

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