5 Games For Brain Injury Patients | Guide

Playing games for brain injury patients can fasten their brain recovery in an interesting and exciting way. One of the most common brain injuries nowadays is traumatic brain injury. The skill that is damaged the most because of traumatic brain injury is the cognitive skills.

To enhance cognitive skills after a TBI injury, yes there are many cognitive exercises suggested by expert doctors. But doing exercises with consistency is quite difficult for the people, especially for a patient. 

That’s why playing games for brain injury patients to speed up their recovery is one of the best alternatives to cognitive exercises. 

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Before knowing about the best games for brain injury patients. Let’s take a look at some essential facts that you must know about brain damage recovery. 


Brain is the most main and sensitive part of our body. We all know that it’s the brain that controls all the activities of our body inside and outside. But when it gets damaged for any reason. The damaged part stops the transfer of messages to the relative body part.

Every major or minor brain damage leaves it awful effects. Sadly the damage in the brain can’t be healed. But by taking proper treatment and some essential steps we can prevent the brain from further damages. 

Even after a successful brain injury there are still some parts that remain incurable which affects the senses and skills of the person. 

If the injury is minor then there is a higher chance of recovery. But surely it damages or weakens some senses, the effect of which becomes apparent over time.


For a long time humans thought that the brain could not recover on its own. But from a new discovery and research. The scientist has come to know that the human brain is insanely amazing and it can heal itself  from mental illness.

This process is known as “neuroplasticity or brain plasticity”. In this process a human brain forms new neural connections which helps the brain to adapt the changes to the individual’s conditions or environment. 

You can also boost up the process of neuroplasticity by doing mental stimulation, physical or mental exercises and by avoiding alcohol or tobacco.


The brain injuries take much time to heal as compared to physical or skin injuries. Even a minor brain injury can take several years to recover. 

But research shows that most of the TBI brain injuries patients have recovered within two years. Because of doing all the essentials works and exercises with full dedication and consistency. 

Although the severe TBI brain injuries patients take 5 to 10 years to recover. But after the recovery they still have to face an uncertain future. 

Keep in mind that, an impressive and noticeable progress only takes place when the patients do all the work with full diligence and insane will power. 

There are several games for brain injury patients now available in the market as well as online platforms. If the patients play any of these games with a daily routine surely it helps them in fast brain recovery.

Below we are going to mention some best games for brain injury patients. You can easily find these games in the market and also playing these games is not rocket science.



Playing card games for brain injury patients can be the cause of drastically recovery from their brain injuries. Shocked? But yes it’s true. Playing card games for brain injuries is supposed to be a perfect game.

Playing Flashcards for brain injury patients helps them to relearn the basic skills that are totally distrubed after their severe TBI injury. Card games help them to regain the skill of memorizing, pattern recognition, and concentration.

Now various types of card games have been introduced in the market. You can play them physically or most of them also have their video game version. 

Some of the most common and everyone’s favorite card games are GO Fish, Hearts, Poker, Solitaire, and UNO. All of these are considered as beneficial games for brain injury patients. 

The color full and printed pattern on the cards improves the recognition skills of the patients. Also the strategy and playing skills develop the concentration skill of the victim.

So if your loved one is walking from such a painful era. We must suggest you do some card games activities with him or her for the fast and effective recovery of his or her skills. 

NOTE: As we all know that laptop, PC or any digital gadget releases harmful rays that can be dangerous for the human brain. That’s why we suggest the patient try to play card games physically instead of playing it on digital gadgets.


Jenga is the traditional game of Japan and South Korea. Now it has become a classic party game from all over the world. Jenga is also supposed to be one of the best games for brain injury patients.

In this game the player has to remove the block without toppling the whole tower. This exciting game improves many of the skills in which fine motor skill is top of the line. Because of the improvement of the fine motor skill the patient has become able to use his or her smaller muscles expertly.

Jenga is also considered as one of the easiest exercises for brain injury patients. Through which the patient’s smaller muscles become more active, responsive and work more perfectly.

By playing Jenga the patient can also improve his or her cognitive skills such as problem solving skills, attention, and strategic thinking. It’s also helpful for developing patience and relieving stress. 

Jenga is not expensive to buy and also not hard to find. You can easily get it from any toy store. Through this you can help your patient to recover from brain injury.


Scrabble is counted as one of the most interesting and effective games for brain injury patients. This is the modern age of the game but it has become popular too drastically and becomes everyone’s favorite. 

It’s a mind boosting game in which you have to create more and more new words from the given limited letters. The scrabble game is one of the fun activities for brain injury patients. Because in scrabble the person doesn’t have to face any kind of extreme mental pressure.

Scrabble helps the patient to boost his or her word-Making skill, as well as it also improves the creativity of the person. Through this game the brain tends to make more and more words by using cognitive skills within a limited time and sources. 

Scrabble games for brain injury patients are also good for the mental flexibility of the person. That it prepares the brain to deal with any unexpected move played by the opposite player.

It’s also good for stimulation, engaging and strengthening the brain. Apart from these it also reduces the blood pressure and stress level of the patient. It also increases the IQ level of the person who is affected by brain injury. 


Chess is the most historical game of the time. As it’s too old, there is no one who is not familiar with that game. Chess is supposed to be one of the most effective games for brain injury patients. 

Compared to today’s modern games, Chess is a little bit challenging and a mind focusing game. In this game the person has to use his brain quite differently and have to plan some strategies to win the game.

The previous age of people specially used to play chess to boost up their mind. That’s the reason that today’s neurologist has declared it one of the most effective games for brain injury patients. 

The reason behind this statement is that chess challenges your mind after every move. It also improves your memory that you have to remember each piece’s role. While playing chess your brain has to think both logically and creatively to make the best move. 

During playing chess your brain activates several skills such as, deepens the focus, use intelligence, self-awareness and also protects against dementia.

Now you can also download chess games on your smart gadgets. But playing chess on a chessboard is quite interesting and beneficial as compared to playing it on screen.


Tetric is one of the most popular games at the time of the 1980’s. It was a kind of electronic puzzle game at that time. But as time passes many other games that have compelling and attractive graphics take its place. 

But the studies show that Tetris is one of the most recommended games for brain injury patients by neurologists and doctors. Also many people have accepted that this game helps them in the fast recovery from their brain injuries. 

In this game you have to line up the little blocks of different shapes until they create a flat line of the same color, then they vanish. While the patient playing tetris his or her brain automatically activates the cognitive skills.

By the activation of cognitive skills the patients’ thinking, focusing and planning skills improve drastically because of the limited time. 

Tetris is supposed to be one of the easiest but effective online games for tbi patients. The patients also play it offline by downloading it on their smart gadgets. 

You will be amazed by knowing that the daily round of tetris is very beneficial for brain injury patients and increases the recovering chances of the patients.


You can also plan some brain damage activities for the patients as well as playing games. These brain damage activities are also known as recreational therapy which helps the brain to heal from the damage or injury. 

Including the following activities in the patient’s daily routine can help him or her to recover fast from his or her brain injury.

PLAY MUSIC: Music is supposed to be a good thing to calm and relax a human brain. That’s why it is quite beneficial for the TBI patient to play music from any of his or her favourite instruments to engage the brain.

PAINTING: Including painting activity in any TBI patient’s daily routine can help him or her to relearn cognitive skills. Art therapy helps to activate the right side of the brain, increase memory, and fine motor skills. It also helps a person to neglect his or her negative feelings.

WALKING: Going for a walk every morning or night unwinds the brain. The change in the environment refreshes your mind and promotes healthy brain recovery. A peaceful walk is a reason for mind relaxation and helps the patients to forget their bad time and reduce any kind of stress.


Q: How can I speed up recovery from brain injury?

A: A person can speedily recover from brain injury by doing some essential things with consistency. Yes some medicines also help in fast recovery but setting a healthy life routine can also help you to recover from brain injury drastically. You can speed up recovery by including the following things in your routine.

Take proper sleep at night
Own some activities and increased their number day by day
Eat a healthy-diet
Drink maximum water to keep your brain hydrated
Avoid alcoholic things, smoking and drugs.

Q: What are at least 5 symptoms of mild traumatic brain injury?

A: It’s necessary to pay attention to your daily habits to stay healthy and active. In case you face any kind of problems in accomplishing your easy daily routine work. There must be a risk of any kind of brain (special traumatic) brain injury. 

Note down the most common symptoms of mild traumatic brain injury. If you find any of that in yourself or your loved ones. Then it’s time to visit a neurologist or doctor.

Felt difficulty in maintaining the balance
You body get tired even by doing nothing
Continuous headache
Becomes hard to remember things
Can’t think clearly 

Q: What vitamins heal the brain?

A: Vitamins are one of the most essential things for the human body. Because of the deficiency of any vitamin you have to face many minor or major issues in your body. But do you know vitamins are also good for our brain. They also help the brain to get fast healing from injuries.

Omega 3s, Vitamins B (specially B3), Vitamins C, E, D, and prebiotics are much healthier for the human brain. 

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