Best Smallest Smart TVs With Wi-Fi in 2022

The smallest smart TVs are a versatile piece of technology that can be used for many different things, from watching TV shows and movies in your living room or bedroom to playing video games. 

The smallest smart TVs offer great functionality in sizes as small as 43 inches- perfect if you’re looking for an inexpensive way to get all the features your larger siblings have without taking up too much space on one television set.

For those who are looking for a small TV to fit their living space. Our enlisted smallest smart TVs aren’t bad options. They have better image quality than larger TVs and offer the same streaming features. As higher-resolution models without sacrificing too much detail in standard definitions or HD programming.

Let’s overview our top pick of the smallest smart TVs, which not only occupy less space in your home but also have the smartest features, just like Wi-Fi connectivity and many more.

Best Smallest Smart TVs With Wi-Fi | Top Pick

Sharp 1T C24BE0KR1FW 24 Inch Smart TV

Key Features

One of the smallest smart TVs SHARP 24″ LED smart television with a built-in DVD player will be the perfect addition to your living space. This HDTV is a slim, lightweight design that you can put on either wall or stand up below it. Without any complicated setup! With all of its ports, including 2 HDMI inputs, so nothing gets left out.

Component video input for those who want their games in higher resolution than 480p (or even 1080i); USB port which might come handy when connecting external hard drives. There’s room enough inside this TV frame to take advantage by using them wisely connected directly into each channel as well).

The SHARP TV has a range of features that make it perfect for your home. Built-in Wi-Fi and recording capability, as well as streaming SmartTV capabilities with apps. Such Netflix BBC iPlayer YouTube direct to the TV from any device you own – there’s no shortage of entertainment.

Not only can this set playback Freeview Play content through its guide. But also enjoys built-in PVR functions too so all those favorite shows are always ready when needed most without having missed out due lack of interest.”

  • 2 x HDMI Ports
  • 2 x USB Ports
  • Dolby Digital/Dolby Digital+ Audio Decoder
  • Active Motion 200 LCD Display Technology
  • DTS Studio Sound
  • Wireless Connection with Mobile Devices
  • The remote does not quite sit right in your palm

Cello 22″ C22230FT2S2 Smart LED

Key Features

One of the Cello’s new smallest smart TVs has an integrated DVD player with just one remote control to operate both your regular television functions, as well as the extra features on that side. So you can maximize entertainment while minimizing space used by keeping it all right there in front of you instead.

The built-in Freeview T2 HD channels allow for watching digital content, including high definition programming – no need to use up more valuable living room floor space with old-fashioned TVs again when this baby takes up so little real estate! Plus, USB input provides easy accessibility if you want to connect anything else down memory lane like personal hard drives or phones.

The Cello is perfect for all your needs! It comes with USB and HDMI inputs, allowing you to connect an external storage device or game console. With two AAA batteries included, it will be ready in no time so that recording can begin right away.

Even if something is playing on TV while doing this (keeping up appearances). You don’t need any extra equipment because its wall-mountable design makes sure everything stays securely attached when not used, which helps keep things tidy.

  • USB with an external storage
  • Built-in DVD player
  • Built-in Freeview T2 HD channels
  • HDMI input included
  • Wall mountable
  • Stunning picture quality
  • Can’t play blue-ray Discs

Avtex 219DSFVP 21.5″ HD TV

Key Features

Avanti’s TV is not your average Smart or webOS enabled television. It comes pre-loaded with applications that will expand in the future, including BBC iPlayer and YouTube for when you’re looking to get lost in action without an internet connection! The crystal clear sound of this edge-to-edge frameless design can immerse viewers completely. 

They stay up late watching horror movies on ITV Hub after calling it quits from work early today because there are no distractions like social media networks distracting users during downtime at home anymore, thanks to Avtex technology.

The Avtex ATSC tuner is a great way to watch all your favorite shows, no matter where they’re aired. The Avtex smallest smart TVs have an input for either 12v/24v DC or 240 volts AC, so you can enjoy free TV without needing additional equipment. With such low power consumption and three years of manufacturer’s warranty protection- it will be hard not to find yourself coming back after this purchase.

  • Ultra-compact
  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • Full HD Connected TV
  • Freeview Play and HD
  • Three-year manufacturer warranty
  • The sound quality is not impressive

Toshiba 24WL3A63DB 24-Inch HD Ready Smart TV

Key Features

Step into the action with HD picture quality for increased clarity and visual detail. Never miss your favorite TV shows, music videos, or films from Amazon Prime Video Netflix and Freeview Play – all on these Toshiba 24WL3A63DB Ultra HD smallest Smart TVs.

With a wide range of built-in streaming apps, you can access everything at once: movies/TV via webOS 3. So your Toshiba TV is ready for anything you throw at it. From movies, games, or music videos – this device has everything.

The speakers are designed by Onkyo, which means they’re really good quality and will bring your tunes alive in rich detail. In addition, HDMI ports 2 allows the user to connect up all their devices without hassle so that there isn’t any need of switching inputs while watching something on the screen.”

  • HDMI 2 port
  • HD picture quality
  • Built-in streaming Apps
  • Built-in speakers
  • Wall mountable
  • Doesn’t come with a manual

TCL 32P500K 32-Inch LED Smart Android TV HD

Key Features

With a huge range of connectivity options, the TCL smallest smart Tvs 32P500K is perfect for those who want to be wire-free and mobile. Watch Netflix on your new TV without having an active internet connection, thanks to its built-in Chromecast functionality.

With HDR technology that makes colors more intense as well as deeper contrast – there’s no better time than now to get this amazing Smart LED television from The Spotless Company today. 

The slim design of this TV makes it an ideal partner for any room in your house. Display on a stand or mount it to the wall with rear brackets that are tested rigorously, making sure you have no worries about its durability.

With input/output tone of voice recommendations included as well – check out our listing above before purchasing yours today so we can help make sure everything will go smoothly from start to finish.”

  • Runs Android operating system
  • Connect wirelessly
  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • Accurate contrast
  • Dolby audio
  • Free view Play is not included.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do all smart TVs have wireless internet?

A: All Smart TVs have built-in Wi-Fi, and you can connect to your home network during the setup of a TV or through settings. Alternatively, if you want to wire internet access to watch videos while away from WiFI enabled devices such as smartphones/tablets, etc., do not forget to extend an ethernet cable between your router and any compliant device to get reliable high-speed data transfer rates.

Q: How can I make my TV a Smart TV?

A: You want to turn your TV into a smart one? Well, there are plenty of options out there. You can choose from Apple TV or Amazon Fire Cube- they’re both pretty great! Another option would be streaming sticks like Roku’s Streaming Stick and um…Google Chromecast. If you don’t mind packing light on travels with all that extra weight, then go right ahead and snuggle up against the sweet internet access those things provide.

Q: How do I know if my TV has Wi-Fi capability?

A: If your TV has Wi-Fi, it’s most likely equipped with an official logo from the Wi-Fi Alliance. You’ll also find this on its settings menu, where you can set up networks or connect to one already in use – making sure that everything is running smoothly before leaving work for home.

Q: What is the smallest 4K TV you can get?

A: The small size of the latest 4K television sets is an attractive feature for those who want to fill their living room without spilling over into other rooms. As one such manufacturer and seller from Korea, Samsung makes televisions with a maximum screen size measuring no more than 32 inches in total dimension! The next smallest TVs are available starting at 40 inches – 8 longer than these smaller models but still not very big by today’s standards, either way, you look at it.

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