Alpha Male And Alpha Female Relationship | Are They a Better Couple?

A true alpha male will never be intimidated by a woman if he is truly an alpha man. A true alpha male will still view a woman as a girl, even if she is tougher than Ronda Rousey in the UFC. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that he will choose a strong, alpha female as his first choice. 

Most often, masculine alpha males are attracted to feminine alpha females or confident but feminine females. This is why? Why is this? The alpha male will find her attractive as long as she retains the feminine sexiness, behavior, and vibe of the alpha female. 

A masculine man will not find her sexually appealing if she behaves and thinks more like a man than a woman. This is why most men find a lesbian who is butch and masculine attractive.

The human sexual attraction is always determined by one person being masculine and the opposite being feminine. Therefore, your thinking, behavior, and vibe will all be more masculine to women than your actions. 

It will be difficult to maintain sexual attraction between equally masculine and feminine people. Although they may be friends or even respect one another as individuals, the sexual attraction that results from their district polarity of masculine and female will not be there. 

As a man, you can make women feel intense sexual attraction for you. However, it would be best if you were open to expressing your masculine side. Women will find you less attractive if you conceal your masculine side.

An Alpha Male 

A male who is an alpha male doesn’t fear being intimidated by anyone or anything. He is confident about what he wants and knows exactly what to do. It’s not about being pushy and aggressive to get what you want. That’s called being a bad guy or being a jerk. 

The best kind of alpha males is the good guys. They have confidence and masculinity, but they also show respect for others. The top male in a pack is usually able to mate with most of the females of many species of animal species. 

Females want to pass on their superior genes to their offspring, hopefully strengthening the species and ensuring its survival. Unfortunately, the human world is not so easy. However, alpha males are “strong” men who can survive more than those who lack confidence and masculine intelligence. The most important qualities of an alpha man were strength and prowess in the time of our ancient ancestors. 

However, today, these qualities are more about inner strength and character. Modern-day alpha males are confident, masculine, and socially intelligent. These qualities are what modern women find very attractive and make them feel comfortable with their men.

But, unlike top dogs in the animal world, an alpha male in human society doesn’t need to fight for his position, and he doesn’t have to beat down other males to prove his superiority. Instead, he demonstrates his alpha status by his inner confidence and how he conducts himself around others and in real life.

An Alpha Female 

A woman who is an alpha female can lead and take control of other women and men. Although being alpha does not automatically mean she will be feminine, it is a sign that she can take charge and lead with men and women. 

Many women challenge men to be stronger by taking up traditionally male positions in society in today’s world. This seems to have led to an abundance of female alphas. Alpha males must be strong and hold their ground, even if it means being against the grain. 

An alpha female must also have the same ability. That’s the problem. Women have a natural tendency to care for others. They are programmed in their DNA to want to be loved and protect them. As a result, modern women are more independent than women in previous generations. 

They know that they must reduce their feminine side and adopt a more masculine personality to get ahead in their careers. But unfortunately, many women find this makes them more “manly” and more able to compete with their male and female colleagues at work. 

However, there are alpha females who use their sexuality to their advantage and have their brand flirtatious “girl power” to succeed.

Does Alpha Male And Alpha Female Relationship Work?

Research has shown that an alpha male-alpha female relationship is unlikely to last for life. Of course, there are exceptions, and an alpha male and a female alpha can make a great match. However, most alpha males don’t like alpha females with a masculine approach to life. 

To maintain a healthy relationship, you need an ideal dynamic relationship. This is especially important in today’s world of breakups and people changing their clothes. A relationship that has distinct roles for each gender is the ideal one. 

People shouldn’t go back to the 1950s thinking that men were the breadwinners, and women stayed at home to be mothers and housewives. However, a man must know how to be a man to make a woman feel like a woman in a relationship. 

That’s what makes a relationship successful. A woman will feel more feminine if he is more masculine in his thinking, behavior, and vibe. You can make a woman feel more like a woman if you are more feminine.

Get The Dynamic Right 

Because alpha males are known for their intelligence and ability to make a difference in the world, women naturally gravitate towards them. As a result, they can sense women’s deepest and most primal feelings of self-confidence and purposefulness. 

These men are men women can recognize as protectors and providers. She needs to be able to relax in the privacy of her relationship and let go of her worries, so she can become the feminine, real woman she wants to be. 

She will be more feminine if she cooks, cleans, and dresses in sexy ways to impress her man. Although she won’t openly admit to it, she may pretend to be annoyed that she has to do the housework. But she will secretly love how feminine she feels, even if others are embarrassed. 

Recent research shows that couples who share domestic responsibilities are more likely to divorce than those who remain in traditional roles. In addition, scientists believe that sharing responsibilities once considered “men’s work” or “women’s work” can lead to more friction in relationships and a weaker sexual bond, with both of you effectively becoming half-man and half-woman. 

You must maintain a clear male and female divide between yourself and your woman to ensure that the sexual charge remains between you. If you blur the lines, your desire to have sex will slowly fade.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can 2 alphas have a relationship?

A: It is a power couple when there are two compatible alphas. If Alphas don’t know how to work with other alphas, they are dictators. They’re not ruled by confidence or strength but by their ego.

Q: What type of man is an alpha female attracted to?

A: An Alpha Woman who is strong needs her partner, her greatest supporter. You would think she would want an Alpha Male. But he can only provide passion and not stability. Beta Males are too weak to keep her interested or hold her hand. This is why she doesn’t like Beta Males.

Q: Can an alpha female be with an Omega Male?

A: The males are more dominant than the females in the wolf hierarchy. An alpha male and female would not allow their omegas to mate. Therefore, the omegas cannot be pair-bonded with each other like the alphas.

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