Alpha Female vs. Beta Female

If you are curious about alpha female vs. beta female, which one is better? Then this article will calm your curiosity and show you some of the traits that both female types carry. 

Now it’s up to you to decide which one has the most attractive and appealing traits and mark your decision. So without wasting further time, let’s begin this massive competition.

Alpha Female vs. Beta Female 

An Alpha Female 

Alpha women have been described as intimidating and manipulative, sexually ferocious condescending, and emasculating; however, these are typically behaviors displayed by those who want to feel controlled. However, they don’t. 

The true woman who is an Alpha may possess a powerful personality. Still, the thing that makes her leader-like and what motivates her determination and perseverance are a sense of self and purpose.

Appealing Traits Of Alpha Female 

Extremely Loyal 

If you’ve been able to earn respect and affection from an Alpha female, you can be assured that she holds it as sacred. She will guard you, be close to you when you require her help and remain with you through thick and thin. If she promises to you that she will keep, the only reason she’d violate that promise is if she’s in a state of decline or has passed away. 

She may have many acquaintances, but typically, an Alpha female has only a handful of very close people who she has let into her inner circle, that is to say. While she can build a pleasant relationship with nearly everyone since she conducts everyone in her vicinity with respect and kindness, she cannot trust anyone quickly. 

If she has gained trust from someone and respect, she’ll consider them as “family” and will do everything to help them. Like the female alpha wolf, she feels of obligation to those within her group. She’ll do everything she can to ensure they’re healthy, strong, and secure.

Prefer Self-Respect 

If a true female Alpha is in a position that requires her to abandon her values to make people content and please others, you can be assured that she’ll let those expectations go to preserve respect for herself. 

She will not compromise her beliefs. But, equally, she conducts her life with a certain level of respect and dignity. For example, if she’s a certain age, it is unlikely that she will dress like her daughter to try to hold on to youth. Instead, she’d rather wear clothes that make her feel powerful and beautiful. 

This woman does not resort to absurd methods to attract others’ attention. If the person isn’t taking the effort or time to get to know her, that’s fine. They might regret their actions at some point, or they may not, but regardless she’s placed herself first just as it is.

Sense Of Justice 

Many try to disarm powerful women by attacking or intimidating them, but this woman will have none of That. She’s not someone who’s known to be arrogant or a smug knowledge-seeker, but instead is a person with a strong sense of justice and accountability and won’t keep her mouth shut when injustice is happening. 

This might have led people to view her as “difficult,” but it’s simply because she’s not an uncontrollable, indifferent, and obedient sheep that is content to be a part of the herd. Instead, she has her own opinions, she’s educated herself on subjects that are important for her, and she’ll take action on questions that keep her fire burning. 

Many Alpha women are participating in outreach programs for communities or in various non-profit organizations serving the common good.

Encourage Other Women 

Women called “Alphas” have a reputation for being cruel to those in their vicinity, particularly other women. They’re seen as snarky, judgmental creatures who mock women’s fashion choices and even degrade their subordinates in the workplace to prove they’re the boss. 

True Alpha does not need these kinds of superficial and sloppy behavior. She is aware of the person she’s been and how she got there and is more likely to inspire those she sees as having potential. She’ll rise the ladder in time, and when she gets there, her goal is for competent, self-confident women to take her steps. 

She is well aware her only chance to glance at someone else from afar is when she’s extending assistance to lift them out. So she does not need to boost confidence in her self-esteem by attempting to destroy someone else’s confidence.


Life could have knocked her down at least a couple of times, but she’s managed to get herself from whatever circumstance she’s been in. But, of course, there have been times when she’s had to deal with abuse, injustice, illness situations, poverty, or any other terrible setbacks.

Yet she’s fought through it and will do so again should the need arise. Through all of it, she will always maintain the belief in her cause, even optimism, and she will not give up.

A Beta Female 

Beta females are incredibly sweet, loving souls who are typically sexy and are the kind of women men want to spend time with. Female bettas are feminine, imaginative, or creative but also appreciate life’s simple pleasures. 

A beta woman is typically the closest friend to the Alpha woman and is regarded as the ‘common jane’ who brings the group together. They are all looking for friendship, love relationships, morals, and relationships. 

Female betas are focused on their careers and have artistic talents exposed from time to time. He loves to cook for his family and friends, take care of his garden, beautify his home, walk the dog, care for the child of his neighbor and read, in addition to other activities. 

It is common to establish your career in fields like interior design, landscaping for the exterior and flower shops kitchen, and other areas that allow you to exercise your creative side.

Appealing Traits Of Beta Female 

An Introvert 

Being introverted is a common trait displayed by beta women. They tend to be the only ones in an environment and only speak when required. Beta women are excellent thinkers and prefer to remain on the fringes rather than focus on attention. 

They can appear as quiet individuals but don’t think that this is a sign of weakness. However, beta females possess an outgoing character with an introverted outlook that could cause problems in certain situations. 

If a female beta is challenged to the limit, she will certainly take on the challenge and not hesitate to offer her an inch of her brain.


Beta females are one of the most loving souls you’ll meet in your lifetime. She is always aware of the feelings of others and is always empathetic to the feelings of others. Beta women cannot sacrifice their feelings and always adhere to their instincts in emotions. 

Because of their emotions, Beta women tend to view themselves as weak and can take advantage of their weaknesses and take advantage of them. However, be aware that beta women are not taken lightly since they seek revenge after being disregarded.

Down To Earth 

Beta females are more religious and down-to-earth compared to other personality types. She adheres to a strict set of guidelines and sticks to her morals at all times. However, she is not willing to compromise her principles and stands to defend herself and those in need. 

The passion she has for preserving her ethics and keeping her morals in check is an important characteristic of a beta woman that makes her admired by everyone. But, sometimes, she could be influenced by other people and even may be tempted to lower her morale. 

But she isn’t likely to comply when tempted, knowing the actions he takes could lead to something that may later be regretted.


The beta woman is selective when choosing her love partner with high hopes of her partner of choice. She is extremely open about the relationship she has with her partner and doesn’t think twice about deciding for the sake of her spouse. 

The beta woman loves to experiment and explore different things with her partner and is typically pushed by her parents to test an individual. However, she maintains her love for her partner by ensuring that her partner is at the top of her list in all areas of her daily life. 

She hopes that her spouse will respect and comfort her now and then. She will fervently keep the trust and loyalty of her partner and be expecting the same of him. If the trust is breached, The beta woman will not be willing to give up. The majority of beta women are excellent lovers who always look after their partner’s back.


However, beta women are known to love shopping, and that can become an issue for their lifestyle at times. They cannot resist buying those adorable pink dresses or sparkling white shoes to express the goddess within them. 

Shopping is an integral aspect of a beta woman’s life as it’s essential to maintain her self-esteem and self-confidence. Beta women typically struggle to maintain their confidence in themselves. An individual’s confidence in herself can cause problems in her everyday life. 

Because she is more likely to shut herself in her own shadow, not taking credit. Therefore, by doing things they control, such as buying clothes that make them feel comfortable and feel good, they can maintain their self-esteem in check.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: What does an alpha female want?

A: As with most women, the female who is an alpha seeks a masculine, strong male, an alpha. But, alpha males are generally attracted to the opposite of themselves. They are looking to be with a female who has a feminine spirit. Black males are up against life’s challenges as soon as they leave their homes.

Q: What is an Alpha Beta female?

A: In an intimate group of women, the Alpha can influence and exert power through her ability to lead in the discussion, and the Beta is more likely to listen and offer support. At the extremes of either, an Alpha might be too aggressive; the Beta could be too passive.

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