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5 Best Sports Backpack | Product Reviews

Sports Backpack can make your journey till the gym and any sporty areas more convenient and enjoyable. Plus it can carry all of your needy things inside it. The sports backpacks with shoe compartments have enough space to carry all of your necessary stuff at a time.

The sport backpack has specially designed separate dry and wet pockets in which you can place your accessories without the fear of damage. 

In this article we have enlisted 5 best sports backpack that do not have too many compartments to keep your things organized but are also strong enough to bear heavy burdens without damaging itself and the inner thighs.

We keenly observed all the features of these 5 sports backpack and the reviews of the customers who actually purchased them. So stick with us till the end of the article to select the right one for yourself.

A quick look

Miomao Drawstring Backpack
Miomao Drawstring Backpack
  • High quality material
  • Advanced technology canvas
  • Vibrant colors
  • Comfortable shoulder straps
Ultimate Gym Bag 2.0 by FocusGear
Ultimate Gym Bag 2.0 by FocusGear
  • Super spacious
  • Separate shoes compartment
  • Big mouth opening
  • Too handy
MIER Basketball Backpack
MIER Basketball Backpack
  • Mesh Compartment
  • Separate Laptop sleeve
  • Super Spacious
  • Keep things cool and dry

3 Best Sports Backpack | Top Pick

Miomao Drawstring Backpack

Miomao Drawstring Backpack


  • Item weight: 7.9 Ounces
  • Style: Descent Mandala
  • Material: Cotton Linen Blend & Advanced Technology Canvas

Now you can carry all of your necessary belongings with you just becuase of Miomao Drawstring Backpack. Plus its stylish design and stunning looks also enhanced your personality.

  • Eye-catching design
  • Strong shoulder straps
  • Large capacity
  • Comfortable wear
  • Fabric Lining
  • Available in variety of colors and designs
  • Not lined


Product Dimensions 18 x 13 x 0.2 inches
Item weight7.9 Ounces
Item model numberMDB011-Series
Department Unisex-adult
Manufacturer Qingdao Miomao E-Commerce Co., Ltd
MaterialCotton Linen Blend & Advanced Technology Canvas

Attractive Feature

High Quality Material

The Miomao sports backpack is designed to keep your sport’s accessories and books with great responsibility. That’s why the designers use a high quality material to give it long durability with comfortness.

The MioMao gym drawstring backpack is made of cotton blend linen and advanced technology canvas. The cotton linen blend makes it quite ventilated so the inner things remain cool. 

The material of the Miomao drawstring backpack is so thick that it can bear quite heavy loads easily.

Additional Features

  • It has adjustable thick shoulder strips that do not break easily and doesn’t dig your shoulder while hanging it for a longer time.
  • There is an interior zippered pocket in which you can place your phone. Tablet, wallet, jewellery and much more.
  • The Miomao sports backpack comes in various vibrant colors and eye-catching designs.
  • This bag has extra large capacity. Means you can carry your various sports tools or books more conventientially.

Auditor’s Final Notion

Seriously I just loved its unique designed theme with a perfect combination of color. The Miomao drawstring bag looks light and cute but it can hold quite heavy things. This is one of the most incredible sports direct backpacks that I have ever seen.

Ultimate Gym Bag 2.0 by FocusGear

Ultimate Gym Bag 2.0 by FocusGear


  • Department: Unisex-adult (luggage only)
  • Item Weight: 1.35 pounds
  • Color: Black and many others

Now keep all your gyming accessories with you when you on the way to gym with FocusGear Ultimate Gym Bag 2.0 and make your gyming time more valuable and enjoying.

  • Highly Durable
  • Big enough and spacious
  • Exterior pockets
  • Too handy
  • Strong and comfortable shoulder straps
  • The pockets are not removable


Product Dimensions20 x 11 x 10.5 inches
SizeMedium (20″)
Item Weight1.35 pounds
DepartmentUnisex-adult (luggage only)

Attractive Feature

Adaptive Compartments

About what a person needs in his or her sports backpack? Of course an enough volume in which he or she can put him or her necessary things at a time. The FocusGear knows that and that’s why they introduced their Ultimate sports backpack.

This backpack has a variety of compartments that are different in sizes just according to their purpose. 

Water Bottle Compartment

At the side of the bag there are two larger compartments in which you can place a 32oz water bottle and protein shaker safely. The bag has two compartments so you can keep the water bottle and protein shakes together at a time.

Shoes Compartment

The FocusGear gym bag allows you to place your shoes or joggers within your backpack. For this they inserted a separate compartment at the other side of the bag. This compartment has enough volume. So no matter how long your shoe size is it will perfectly fit inside the compartment.

Further than these, the bag has 10 compartments that keeps your accessories organized and easy to find at the time of need.

Additional Features

  • The FocusGear Sports backpack also has 2 wet pockets in which you can place your sweaty clothes and water item freely.
  • Inside the bag there is also an oversized pocket for your phone.
  • The main pocket of the bag has a big opening. Means you can pick the one thing you desire easily.
  • The bottom of the bag has hard platform with legs. So you can put it anywhere without the fear of any damage.

Auditor’s Final Notion

After reviewing all the features and customer reviews I must say that this FocusGear gym bag is one of the best gym bags with a shoe compartment. It offers you enough volume in different compartments to place your accessories in an organized way. Highly impressed. 

MIER Basketball Backpack

MIER Basketball Backpack


  • Type: Basketball Backpack
  • Capacity: Can Carry maximum 40L
  • Department : Suitable for Men

So boys get ready to pay full focus on your game and take your favourite or lucky basket ball anywhere you want. This MIER Basketball Backpack offers you enough space to place your basketball without any hassle.

  • Attachable hook
  • Mesh back straps
  • Buckle included for strong grip
  • Top zipper pocket included
  • Suitable for dry and wet sports
  • 40L of capacity
  • 2.446 lbs. Of weight
  • Can’t fit long size of shoes in the front compartment


Department Mens
Manufacturer MIER
TypeBasketball Backpack

Attractive Features

Separate Laundry Compartment

Now you don’t have to worry about your dirty and sweaty clothes and towel. Because the MIER sports backpack gives you a separate laundry compartment in which you can put all of the dirty and sweaty stuff.

This lundar compartment is made of mesh. Means the air is ventitaled easily from it and no bad odor is produced because of the wetness and humidity. 

Things not only stop here. This mesh compartment is big enough that you can place your shoes, basketball or soccer conventionally. 

Additional Features

  • There is also a separated padded compartment for laptop and tablet. 
  • The MIER sports backpack is made of high-quality oxford fabric which makes it extremely durable.
  • The backpack has multiple-pockets of different sizes that keeps your accessories organisez and easy to find in the time of need. There are almost 8 spacious compartments in the backpack.

Auditor’s Final Notion

After a brief review of the MIER basketball backpack I must say that this is a perfect backpacks for men. As it has too many compartments wet/dry so you don’t feel any issues in organizing your sport’s and general accessories in the backpack.

Frequently Asked Questions By Buyers

Q: Is it unprofessional to carry a backpack?

A: Of course not, carrying a backpack is not unprofessional. Meanwhile there are many professionals who now use backpacks to keep their essential accessories with them instead of briefcases or attaché. Carrying a backpack gives you a professional look. So don’t hesitate to have it with you.

Q: Can I take a backpack to work?

A: Yes you can take your back[ack to your workplace. Backpacks are quite spacious, that’s why it’s really good to have them at your workplace. Because you can put all of your necessary things just like laptop, files, towel etc in the backpack. Otherwise if you are going to give a job interview or any business meeting it’s not good to take a backpack with you. It will be a little embarrassing.

Q: Can adults wear backpacks?

A: Well from the very beginning the backpacks were supposed to be a school going student’s stuff. But now it’s become so popular among adults as well. There are many manufacturers who are now making backpacks according to the adults’ needs and in the design that suits them. So now adults also wear backpacks without any hesitation.

Bottom Line

In the end of the article, I must add a thing that is to try to choose a sports backpack that is not only usable at your gym or sporty areas but also be usable for other places like school, college or any other place. 
spending money on different backpacks just because of different purposes is a foolish thing. Be wise and save your money.

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