10 Best Coffee Maker Under 100$.

Do you like coffee? But tired of its hard and irritating making process? So cheer up! We are here with some of the best coffee makers under $100. Who are not just related to reputed brands but also good in quality, have upgrade features and the last but not least they are lighter on your budget.

The brands that we are going to discuss and mentioned below are the best coffee makers of 2020. By which you can easily make numerous cups of coffee within a few minutes without doing any tough skill. So it’s not the thing for which you are looking for?

For you, we have gathered some reputed brands who make the best coffee makers. So here we started.


Hamilton Beach 2-Way Brewer Coffee Maker

Hamilton Beach 2-Way Brewer Coffee Maker
9.7/10 Our Score


  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Brand: Hamilton Beach
  • Color: Black/Stainless Steel

Hamilton Beach 2-Way Brewer Coffee Maker, Single-Serve and 12-Cup Pot, Stainless Steel (49980A), Carafe

Hamilton Beach is an American brand holding company, who is reputed for providing home appliances and commercial restaurant equipment primarily in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

Hamilton Beach appliances are worldwide famous and No # 1 choice of the people.

Hamilton Beach 2-Way Brewer Coffee Maker Review.


The feature that makes Hamilton Beach Brewer Coffee maker distinct from others and everyone’s favourite is its versatility.

With this Best dual coffee maker, you can make coffee for a single-serve or accommodate a full pot for many people.


While Hamilton Beach Brewer Coffee maker has many features includes in it just like filters, grounds, water reservoirs, and front-facing panel but its outlook is just mesmerizing and eye-catching.

You will be highly impressed by its amazing outlook. This coffee maker takes up less counter space, you can place them anywhere easily.

Advanced feature:

One of the most unique and advanced features of Hamilton Beach brewer Coffee Maker is that it has a clock and timer function, with which you can make coffee then program it for brewing at any time plus with its automatic 2-hour shut off function it keeps your coffee hot for 2 hours.

Shocking Price:

This amazing Hamilton Beach Brewer coffee maker with its wonderful features having a price rate that must be shocking.

You can buy it for just $59.99. this is the best coffee maker for under $100.

Mr. Coffee Optimal Brew Coffee Maker

Mr. Coffee is a Newell brand of China. This is one of the largest brands that manufacture automatic drip kitchens, coffee makers.

Mr. Coffee provides different products related to coffee and tea making since 1970.

Its products are high-quality, easy-to-use, and pocket-friendly. This brand provides the best coffee makers for under $100.

Mr. Coffee optimal Brew Coffee Maker Review.

Stunning Features:

The Mr. Coffee Optimal Brew Coffee maker has admirable features that helps you to get your desire flavor of coffee easily within a few minutes.

The features that are included in it are.

2-hour auto Stuff-Off: It can keep your coffee hot for 2-hour.

Dishwasher-Safe Glass: You can easily wash it in any dishwasher.

Pause feature: During the brewing, you can pour a cup to drink or serve.

Filtration: It also includes a disk filter that filters all the impurities and chlorine from the water.

Fresh Brew Sensor: This is the most advanced feature that tells you how fresh your coffee is after brewing.

Elegant Design:

Mr. Coffee Optimal Brew Coffee Maker grabs the attention of the people by its sleek and stylish look. Because of its elegant design, it looks awesome sitting on your counter.


Want to buy a good quality brand coffee maker but also don’t want to burden your wallet? Then Mr. Coffee Optimal Brew Coffee maker is the right choice.

You can buy this best drip coffee maker 2020 for just $69.

Black + Decker 12-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker.

Black + Decker is an American brand. Who is famous for manufacturing a wide range of home appliances, hardware, accessories, and power tools.

This brand serves its customers since 1910 and providing the best quality of products at an affordable rate. Black + Decker offers the best coffee maker under $100 because for them your satisfaction comes first.

Black + Decker 12 Cup Programmable Coffee Maker Review:

Super Spacious:

One of the best quality of Black+ decker programmable coffee maker is that it is super spacious. It means that it can free your kitchen countertops of clutter.

It saves space in the kitchen and it can be used at any place where space is limited.

Advanced Features:

When talking about its features, this is the best coffee pod machine under $100, and it grabs this position just because of its advanced features.

Its adorable features are.

Quick Touch Programming: This feature helps to make 12-cup coffee in a short time with a hassle-free process.

Sneak-A-Cup: it allows you to pause the process of brewing and serve your coffee.

Automatic Shutt-Off: If you are not around it will auto shut-off the unit for safety.

Rather than it has more features such as auto- brew, and glass carafe hot-pate. That makes it unique from others.

Amazing Price:

While this black+ Decker Programmable coffee maker grabs numerous features but it also offers you an extreme level of affordable price rate that is just $38.

you can buy it easily without disturbing your budget.

Chemex Classic series Pour-Over Coffee Maker.

Chemex Coffeemaker is manufactured by Chemex Corporation in Chicopee,       Massachusetts.

Chemex provides traditionally designed coffee makers that hold a separate position in the market from all over the world.

Chemex Classic Series Pour-over Coffee Maker Review:

Signature Shape:

Chemex Classic Coffee maker possesses a unique and traditional design. Its glassy looks make it distinct from other coffee makers.

Not only this it occupies less space. So you can put it anywhere easily.

Pour-Over Method:

Chemex Classic coffee maker is the best filter coffee maker because its pour-over brewing process provides you the perfect taste of the coffee.

With the Chemex Classic coffee maker, you can get a flavorful pure cup of coffee without any bitter element.


Chemex Classic pour-Over coffee maker is made from non-porous, borosilicate glass. The uniqueness of this material is that it doesn’t absorb any odors or chemicals.

It means it provides you 100% healthy cup of coffee.

Best Price:

Chemex Classic pour-over coffee maker is one of the best coffee makers under $100. You can own this signature-shaped coffee maker for just $48 which is highly affordable.

Ninja Programmable Brewer:

sharkNinja (Ninja) is a US brand that is good to know for its best quality home devices and appliances.

Ninja is one of the leading brands whose products are considered as No#1 from all over the world.

 Ninja Programmable Brewer Review:

Unique Design:

If you are looking for some unique kind of coffee maker, then Ninja programmable brewer is the best one. Because its bulky and classy looks beat all of its competitions.

Advanced Brewing Technology:

Ninja Programmable Brewer has an advanced brewing technology that gives you a perfect cup of hot coffee without including any bitter taste or elements.

Advanced Stuff-Off Feature:

Ninja Programmable Brewer has an advanced stuff-off feature (delay brew option) that keeps your coffee hot and fresh for the next day. Its warming pate keep your coffee hot and flavorful due to its heating effect.


This is the coffee maker for which you are looking for. You can buy this best high-end coffee maker for just $79.99.

Cuisinart programmable coffee maker

The Cuisinart programmable coffee maker is one of the best coffee making machines and offers you very classic designs. This product is made up of stainless steel and it is the best brand.

Mr. programmable coffee maker Review:


The material used in the manufacturing of this best small coffee maker under $100 is very best because it is made up of stainless steel and the amazing thing about stainless steel is that it has a long last ending.

The quality of material matters a lot for the satisfaction of customers and coffee lovers.


The Cuisinart programmable coffee machine has much capacity as it contains 12 cups of coffee at a time in its which is amazing for customers.

It is also an automatic coffee maker as it is conveniently adjustable and auto-shutoff. Its 12 cups capacity offers you a dripless handle and knuckle guard.

Elegant design:

This best coffee maker under $100 has an elegant design that looks smart and it looks amazing on the countertop of your kitchen.

It is packed beautifully with features of Cuisinart which is the best looking elegant design in Brew pause. It acquires absolutely a classic design for coffee lovers.

Bonsen kitchen thermal programmable coffee maker

Bonsen kitchen is the best brand offered by Bonsen. This is the best brand and choice of many customers. This coffee machine under $100 is designed as programmable and automatic.

Without wasting energy you can enjoy your coffee sips. It is unbreakable and varies from model to model.

Bonsen kitchen thermal programmable coffee maker Review.


This coffee machine is a unique one because it is fully automatic with 24-hour programmability and it helps you to enjoy your coffee.

It is made up of stainless steel so, you don’t need to worry about its safety. Its water level indicator and the anti-drip system makes it more unique.


It’s look is amazing as it contains no-drip perfect pours which is the best point that it prevents any remaining quantity of coffee from pouring out on to the plate once the brew cycle is completed.

This coffee machine under $100 keeps the best size and you can hold it easily. It keeps a 24-hour programmability program at a time.

You will enjoy its outlook for sure.


The most interesting thing about this coffee maker is that it has enough capacity as the name suggests it contains 10 cups of coffee at a time for you and your loved ones.

This thermal machine is available with a permanent filter having a vacuuming jug in it.

Krupp’s coffee maker

Krupp’s is also one of the famous brands providing you different designs of coffee makers with different variations. They offer you bold designs.

They are led by Robert Krupp and working since 1846. . Robert Krupp changed the brand with variations and launching different best coffee makers for under $100 coffee makers so this brand is a leading brand in the espresso industry.

They have set standards in this specific product and time to time offering different designs.

Krupp’s coffee maker Review:


It is a digital programmable coffee maker. It offers its customers to read digital screening. Its control panel is totally under your control and enables you to conveniently program the auto-start system.

Through this digital system, it makes it easier for you to brew hot, and flavor full coffee any time you want.

Advanced features:

The advanced feature of this machine is that its rotating knob makes it so convenient for you to brew your coffee whenever you want.

Brew your coffee according to your mood and selects its dual settings. It has a specific and unique feature with pause and serving buttons.


This best high-end coffee maker has an amazing and sleek design with a black finish. It completely adds a modern look to your kitchen. It has a variety of colors including gold tones.

This coffee machine has a stay-cool handle for a unique and special serving. One additional point includes a front-facing water-level display and a gold-tone filter at a very economical price.

Keurig K-classic coffee maker

Keurig k-class coffee maker is the best-seller brand of coffee makers. It is a single server Brewers-Keurig is an old brand for coffee makers. They are providing the best quality to customers what they are expecting from Keurig. So, you are going to experience an amazing product.

Keurig K-classic coffee maker Review:


Whenever you want to enjoy your coffee mug, it offers you easy touch buttons making your experience of sipping coffee fresh and enjoyable.

With Keurig k-classic there is a water reservoir and has a capacity of 48 ounces which offers you to brew 6 cups of coffee for yourself and your loved ones at a time.

The other plus point of this coffee maker is that it has a removable reservoir and drip tray.

Advanced feature:

This best coffee maker under $100 has an advanced feature of an auto-off feature. It can easily be programmed to turn your coffee maker on and off according to your suitability. It helps you conveniently to save energy.

So, it is just an energy-saving product for you. You just simply insert a pod, choose and desired mug brew size and brew, and enjoy fully a great taste.

Outlook and price:

This stainless and black bun coffee maker gives a smart look to your countertop. It keeps a user-friendly design you can easily shift it from one place to another due to its design.

This coffee maker looks slim and wide enough which adds beauty to your kitchen also.

It is available with a water reservoir and this reservoir can easily be removed after use. So, this is available at a very reasonable price of $79.

Bodum pour-over coffee maker with permanent filter:

This coffee maker under $100 is offered by the brand named Bodum. They introduced the no more paper filter technology in this coffee machine that absorbs the extra oils.

This coffee maker is from Europe and they have set some special standards for the preparation of coffee to offer their customers.

 This brand introduced an amazing option like zero paper filters just pure and sweet flavor.

Bodum pour-over coffee maker with permanent filter Review:


The feature that makes it different from other coffee machines is that it gives you the perfect aroma by maintaining the natural oils of coffee.

It does not absorb the beneficial oils of your coffee in the paper filter. This coffee machine is completely dishwasher safe, with stainless steel mush filter.


This stylish coffee maker is made up of Borosilicate glass and the interesting thing about this is that it prevents heat cracking.

So, you don’t need to worry about it at all. It looks amazing due to its glassy structure. So, there is good news for all of the glassy structured smart coffee machines.

Color and outlook:

Here is good news for you that this best dual coffee maker is available in different multi-colors so you can pick up the color of your choice easily.

It is looking outclass and eye-catching due to its glassy shape and it takes ideally less space where ever you want to place it. So, you are going to be highly impressed if you go for it.

In the end, the above mentioned branded coffee makers are the best coffee maker under $100. So what are you waiting for grab your favorite one right now and experience the real taste of coffee without doing any hard process.

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